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Posted On: 14 November 2020 12:01 am
Updated On: 14 November 2020 12:28 am

Ministry of Interior monitored and referred a number of people to Public Prosecution for stirring up racial strife

Vrinda Abilash
Vrinda Abilash
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The Ministry of Interior (MOI) in a series of Tweets announced that with reference to what it has monitored, of a number of people on social media were stirring up tribal strife among members of the same community and frequent use of racist vocabulary. It said that the competent authorities have monitored and caught them.

These people are being referred to the Public Prosecution to take measures against them, in accordance with the provisions of the laws in force. The Ministry of Interior affirmed that it will not be complacent in taking all legal measures against anyone who adopts a racist discourse against the unity and cohesion of the Qatari society, threatening its security, stability and social peace.

The Ministry of Interior also called on users of social media platforms in Qatar to abide by the laws, and not to offend anyone within society on tribal or racial grounds, on the basis that the cohesion and stability of the Qatari society is a responsibility of everyone.

Source: Ministry of Interior (MOI)
Cover image credit: Shutterstock