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Posted On: 22 July 2018 03:02 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:19 pm

Make safety a priority by following these FIVE #AccidentFreeSummer tips from MOI Qatar!

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The Ministry of Interior's (MOI) ongoing Accident-free Summer (AFS) awareness campaign was launched early this month and is aimed at educating non-Arab expats to promote road safety, focusing on wrong traffic behaviors.

The campaign comes within the framework of the Ministry of Interior's interest in ensuring the safety and security of drivers and pedestrians and their property, and reducing the number of deaths and injuries resulting from traffic accidents.

Last week, we've reported MOI's push to strengthen their fight against mobile usage while driving and just recently, a press conference was held by the General Directorate of Traffic to introduce the subject of AFS campaign for this week—which we've listed down just for you!

Have an accident-free Qatar summer by following these safety tips from the MOI!

1. Wear your seat belt at all times!

Always wear your seat belts! (MOI Qatar)
(Source: MOI Qatar's Facebook)

Oh guys, please! This rule is too basic! Article 54 of Law No. (19) of 2007 regarding the Traffic Law stipulates that both driver and front-seat passenger shall comply with the wearing of a safety belt while driving on the road. Moreover, Lt. Col. Abdullah Muhammad Al Humaidi, Head of North Traffic Section, stressed the importance of wearing a seat belt and complying with traffic laws to ensure safety and security on roads. He pinpoints that seat belts reduce the risk of injury in serious accidents, in a large proportion. Wearing such is considered a necessary means of safety that must be observed while driving.

2. Drive within the speed limit!

Speed limit in Qatar
(Source: IStock)

As MOI is posting the position of mobile radars daily on their official Twitter account, it's quite impossible not to get caught when you exceed the standard speed limit especially in metropolitan areas like Doha. And although the standard speed limit in the country ranges from 80-100 km/h, The Peninsula reported early this year that the maximum speed allowed after the Industrial Area intersection in Salwa road is now 140 km/h, according to a senior official from the Traffic Department.

Major Jaber Mohamed Rashid Odaiba, Assistant Director of Media & Traffic Awareness at the General Directorate of Traffic, said that all roads have clear signboards mentioning the maximum speed and the speed limit in Salwa Road is 120 km/h after the industrial area intersection.

3. Don't create traffic jams in yellow box junctions!

Don't block the way in the yellow box! (MOI Qatar)
(Source: MOI Qatar's Twitter)

The Director General of Traffic reiterated to the public to never create traffic jams in yellow box junctions and don't move your vehicles to yellow box when it is already jammed with vehicles, even if the traffic lights are green for you. It is considered a traffic violation; the surveillance cameras on signals will record it. Yellow boxes are meant to keep the junctions clear. Do not block it or enter until the road ahead is clear for you to exit the box without creating congestion in the junction.

The next two entries are not road-related. Instead, they fall under the fire prevention category, which is timely as a fire at a shop in Souq area happened just this morning (July 22). Briefly after a few hours, the MOI Qatar tweeted that the Civil Defence contained the fire, without any causalities. Keep scrolling!

4. Avoid running exhaust fans for a long time!

Avoid running exhaust fans for a long time!
(Source: IStock

You guys know what will happen if you do otherwise. Also, conduct a regular clean-up of them every once in while. Avoid overloading outlets. Plug only one high-wattage appliance into each receptacle outlet at a time.

5. Switch off your electrical appliances before leaving home!

Accident Free Summer in Qatar by MOI
(Source: IStock)

In order to prevent fire, confirm that you have switched off the cooking gas cylinder and electrical appliances when you leave your home. Keep some sources of ventilation open to protect the walls from cracking, especially during the summer.

For a safe and smooth traffic flow, always cooperate with other road users and traffic patrols. MOI Qatar also stressed to keep a safe distance between your vehicle and vehicle in front of your as you cannot predict others’ behavior while driving. Furthermore, slowing down your vehicle while approaching roundabouts, intersections and pedestrian crossings will help you keep secured while on the road.

You can explore security awareness section on MOI's website for tips on traffic safety, safe travel, cybersecurity and general safety. Click here if you want to know more.

To know more about the Ministry of Interior Qatar, check out their website and social media links below!

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(Cover image courtesy of MOI Qatar's Twitter)