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Posted On: 26 June 2014 01:03 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:14 pm

Law soon to punish black marketeers of subsidised food

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The government is planning a law to criminalise the sale on the black market of subsidised food items meant for Qataris.

Once the legislation is invoked, people involved in the alleged abuse of the system, including the citizens who allow the misuse of the privilege, may all be punished.

Under Tamween (Arabic word meaning ‘supply’), Qatari families are entitled to buy from designated outlets quality food items like rice and edible oil, among other things, at very low prices.

Most of these items are said to land at middle and lower-end eateries through a black market that some people say continues to thrive.

Many Qatari families being rich, allow their household workers to take benefit of the privilege and that’s how much of the subsidised food stocks are passed on to the eateries that usually pay a pittance for these items.

The Director of Ration Department at the Ministry of Economy and Commerce, Khalid Al Nuaimi, said yesterday that action is to be taken against both, the families that allow others to access the subsidised food items and those who sell them on the black market.

“There is a law that is about to be implemented to criminalise the misuse of the system of Tamween,” Al Nuaimi told Al Sharq.

The daily, meanwhile, said quoting sources at the Consumer Protection Department of the economy ministry, that the Department is about to launch an awareness campaign targeting Qatari families urging them not to indulge in wasteful expenditure.

Qatari families indulge in reckless spending during the month of Ramadan and buy food items in bulk that go waste at the end of the month.