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Posted On: 21 April 2016 03:27 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:16 pm


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Parents deserve a time out too! However, this doesn’t mean that your kids should be bored at home with the babysitter. ILQ has composed a list to keep your kids busy in a fun way! And it can be fun for both the parents and the kids!

My Gym Qatar

My Gym Qatar, located on the New Salata Road, is a fitness center for children from 6 months to 10 years of age. The center has various programs for different age groups that focuses on helping children to develop physically, emotionally, and cognitively. Fitness and learning is made fun with classes like hip hop dancing, ballet, ballet and jazz combo, art classes and martial art programs. Currently, My Gym offers a free tryout class!

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Jungle Zone at Hyatt Plaza

Looking for fun and entertaining pastimes for children? Then you should head to the popular Jungle Zone theme park at Hyatt Plaza. Jungle Zone theme park has rides and games for different age groups. The Nest area, an area in the Jungle Zone, has games, rides, and activities for children from the age of two to five years, while the Valley area has games and rides for older children like roller coaster rides and water activities.

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Villaggio Bowling Alley

After a tiring day of grocery shopping and walking around the mall, you can take your kids to the bowling alley located in the Villaggio Mall and bowl some strikes.

Circus land at Landmark shopping mall

A circus theme park for kids located at your very own Landmark shopping mall. The circus theme park has fun attractions like the traditional horse carousel, video games, trampoline beds, and bumper cars.

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Cafe Ceramique

A cafe where your kids can paint on handmade ceramic while you and your family enjoy delicious food.

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Pizza Express

If your kids ever wanted to make their own pizza, now they have the chance to! Pizza Express lets children experience the joy of making their own pizza from kneading the dough to getting creative with the toppings! Make your kids chefs for a day, head over to Pizza Express!

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Maktaba Library

There is this saying that ”to read is to travel”. So why not take your child on a journey by visiting the library. The Maktaba library is a public library for children and is located in West bay. The library offers books written in English, Arabic, Spanish, and French for children and teenagers. The library also offers art session for children.

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Al Khor Park

A park where children can play and interact with animals? I don’t know about you, but if I were a kid I’d be super excited about this! Check out Al Khor Park, where kids can have fun at the playgrounds and learn about native animals to Qatar!

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Aspire and MIA park

Fresh air and natural surroundings is the best combination. You can head to Aspire Park or the Museum of Islamic Art Park. These parks are known to be popular destinations among families. Families can enjoy picnics, the kids can play in the playground etc. At Aspire Park, children can also enjoy cycling and rollerblading (children under 10 years old).

What other places for children do you know? Please share your thoughts with us in our comment section, and hashtag #KeepingYourKidsBusy2016 and #ILQ on social media to share your ideas there too!

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