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Posted On: 7 May 2016 01:12 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:16 pm

Fun Ways to Keep Cool this Summer

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“Brace yourselves, summer is coming.” Au contraire, it’s already here. Yes, it’s that much dreaded season of the year again, mainly because the temperatures skyrocket to a high of 45 degrees celsius and above. During this time no one wants to leave the cool comfort of their blissful air-conditioned abodes, or rather no one thinks that it’s possible to find something worthwhile to do in the raging heat. We’re here to tell you otherwise: don’t box yourselves in at home or become couch potatoes watching your favorite TV shows- as tempting as those options sound. It is totally possible to keep cool without having to stay at home!


What better way to stay cool than going for a nice refreshing swim? Doha has some great hotels that have amazing swimming facilities, both indoor and outdoor! And if you want something more casual, many compound clubhouses have swimming pools too. Institutions like Qatar Foundation, Aspire, and various centers and clubs around Doha also provide swimming facilities.

Water Sports/Activities

Photo credit: Christian Vigna

Jet-skiing, water-skiing, barefoot skiing, fly-boarding, and wake-boarding are among some of the more popular water activities one can participate in in Doha. This is both a great way to have fun and keep cool at the same time! West Bay and the Corniche are usually the most popular hotspots to engage in water activities. Of course, Doha’s beaches are another option as well.

Photo Credit: Ahmed Al Nowailah

For a fun-filled day of water activities head over to Doha’s Aquapark! From water slides to swimming pools, they have it all! They even have separate days for women and families! Sounds like a great way to cool off in the heat.


Visiting one of Doha's resorts is probably the closest thing you'll feel to being on vacation without the added time, expense, and hassle of actually traveling. Check out Banana Island Resort Doha, or the new Simaisma Resort! ILQ has actually compiled a list of resorts you should look into! No better vacation than a staycation. These resorts come with their own fun activities and facilities that'll make the heat worth it.

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It's best to wear light colors and light materials to keep cool. White is the best color to beat the heat, of course light shades like pinks, blues, greens, are also recommended. Cotton, linen, rayon, and chambray, are among the best clothing materials to wear in the summer. Avoid: Jeans and leather. They're the absolute worst, they'll literally cling to your skin.

Cold Drinks

This is already widely known, but nothing cools you down better internally than a nice cold refreshing drink. Of course keep yourselves hydrated by constantly drinking water, but fresh juices, iced coffees, and mocktails are always a great idea. My personal favorite is fresh watermelon juice.

Ice Cream or Frozen Yoghurt

We all scream for ice cream! Did I say nothing cools you down better internally? Ice cream totally does, and is just perfect during the peak heat season. Head over to Häagen-Dazs, Pinkberry, or La Dolce Vita at Souq Waqif for their gelato!

How do you plan to stay cool if you're planning to stay in Doha? Comment below!