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Posted On: 3 June 2010 03:54 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:10 pm

Facebook's New Privacy Settings

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After weathering a storm of criticism on their privacy policies, Facebook last week announced that they would introduce simpler privacy controls and settings. Users who logged into their Facebook accounts were greeted by a notification that the changes were now live and that they could now “control what I share.” Did you take a look at the new privacy settings on your Facebook account? What do you think of them – are they a step forward into allowing more user autonomy and privacy or are they worse than the old privacy settings or even not any different? What impact can these settings have on your Facebook usage? Are you OK with disclosing any private information on your Facebook account or have you started to think of being less open on Facebook and disclose less personal stuff? Tell us what you think and get to know more about the privacy control settings, by visiting the full commentary post on the settings at Digital Qatar blog: