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Posted On: 27 July 2022 10:07 am
Updated On: 28 July 2022 11:17 am

Driver injures pedestrian; obliged to pay compensation of QR 33,000

Fareeha Imtiaz
Fareeha Imtiaz
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The Al Sharq newspaper reported on 27 July 2022 that a driver has been punished for injuring a pedestrian and has been obliged to pay a government fine of QR 1,000 for the act of negligence and an amount of QR 33,000 as compensation to the injured.

As per the report, The Court of First Instance considered the driver to be reckless and negligent as one of the causes of the unfortunate accident. It was also considered to be an act of lack of caution and non-abidance with laws.

The judgement given was on the basis that the fault was shared by the accused and the victim considering that the injured had not crossed at the designated pedestrian crossing.

It is considered the responsibility of those walking to ensure the pedestrian crossings are used, plus that the road is clear; which was not the case in this scenario; thus, leading to the accident.

The collision of the car and the person caused fractures and bruises to the victim.

It was also reported that as per Article 312/1 of the Penal Code “a penalty of imprisonment for a period not exceeding six months and a fine of no more than one thousand riyals, or one of these two penalties, shall be imposed on anyone who, by his own fault, compromising the safety of a person, if this resulted from his negligence or carelessness.” or failure to guard it, or failure to observe laws or regulations” which was the basis of the judgement.

Source: Al Sharq
Cover image credit: Shutterstock