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Posted On: 2 February 2009 09:37 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:09 pm

Demolition will lead to shortage, traders fear

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As structures in the busy commercial district of Musherib, also known as the National Area, are earmarked for demolition to give way to new and modern buildings, businessmen fear the large-scale razing of buildings might lead to a severe yet temporary shortage of shops. Since there is a huge concentration of shops and showrooms in the area, the demolitions are sure to lead to a temporary shortage, particularly of shops, says the Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry (QCCI). “Already, there is an acute short supply of shops in the city,” said Abdul Aziz Al Emadi, Vice-Chairman of the QCCI. “People being displaced from the area should, therefore, be provided substitute premises,” he added. “We only hope that these large-scale demolitions do not brew another housing crisis, like the one we faced recently. A crisis of that magnitude should be avoided at all cost.” According to Hassan Al Jefairi, social activist and businessman, shops are already in short supply due to large-scale demolitions which took place in several areas of Doha in the recent past. And the shortage has turned acute since developers mostly concentrated on building housing stock to accommodate those who had been displaced from the affected areas. “Most of the new buildings which have been constructed in the aftermath of the demolitions have residential units with their ground floors having no shops and showrooms,” said Al Jefairi, who is a member of the QCCI. So, the shortage of shops in within the city limits of Doha has become more severe, he said. Many shopkeepers who were displaced from the demolished areas and buildings, shifted to near and far-off suburbs of Doha and rented out space in small shopping complexes as there were no shops available in the city.