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Posted On: 28 June 2009 08:51 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:09 pm

Delay seen in completion of Barwa project

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Barwa Real Estate Company (BARWA) has said that it may not be able to deliver its Assaileya residential homes on time, due to the serious financial crisis faced by the main contractor of the project. An official Barwa source said yesterday that the contractor is unable to complete the project as per the original schedule in view of his financial crisis. According to the original schedule, the Assaileya project is to be completed by July 2009. “Barwa always seeks to offer the very best quality housing solutions. We will work to execute our alternative plan prepared in advance, to reduce the damages that have occurred to the project schedule. We will soon announce the new delivery date”, the official added. Barwa is working hard to deliver the units as soon as possible without compromising on the quality. The first stage of Barwa Housing Program at Mesiameer was delivered at the beginning of 2009 and this compound, being distinguished by its high quality 24/7 customer services, is unique in qatar’s development history. Ensuring its commitment towards Qatari society, individuals and companies, a strategic offer was presented by Barwato the main contractor in order for the residential units in the project to be delivered as soon as possible. The offer takes into consideration the interests of the sub-contractors, in particular the Qatari sub-contractors working with the main contractor. Negotiations with the main contractor are ongoing and it is Barwa’s responsibility as project manager to work directly with the sub-contractors to execute the remaining parts of the project wokrs and deliver the units to the beneficiaries. Many of the sub-contractors have already been contacted and schedules have been agreed to complete the construction beginning from Sunday.