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Posted On: 7 August 2011 07:39 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:11 pm

Commission on Human Rights and Al Jazeera Network

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On August 06, Doha / QNA / signed the National Commission for Human Rights and Al-Jazeera network Tfallm a memorandum to develop and strengthen cooperation and partnership between them. Agreement was signed by its Chairman, Dr. Ali bin Smaikh Marri and Al Jazeera Network Director General, Mr. Waddah Khanfar. The memorandum of understanding on five key areas most important, the development of public awareness of the values, principles and standards of human rights and the exchange of training grants and training between the two sides and conduct studies and surveys of the joint and exchange views and information, documents and analyzes specialized on issues of human rights and public freedoms in addition to organizing workshops, conferences, seminars and courses Altdrbeh that aims to raise awareness on human rights and humanitarian law for the media, as well as shed light on the strategic activities undertaken by the Commission in the field of human rights. Working agreement to support the partnership between the parties through the exchange of grants through the provision of access for the island news cycles Altdrbeh and specialized courses organized by the National Commission for Human rights in return for hosting the island's media committee staff to spend a training department freedoms. Under a memorandum of understanding will be organized one training course for 15 journalists on the island on "media as a mechanism of the mechanisms of human rights" is held in Doha at the center of the island and development and production of advertising tariff does not exceed "30" seconds of enlightenment principles and standards for the protection and promotion of fundamental rights and public freedoms contained in the international treaties on human rights and humanitarian law and contributing to the establishment of a library of human rights Al-Jazeera by providing the Commission's publications in the field of human rights and humanitarian law to enable all the news of the island access to this literature and important sponsors human rights specialist who is seeking the partition to be adopted within the map program for Al-Jazeera in the future in order to raise public awareness of human rights and care award film freedoms "long" to the best way out man in a series of Festival Awards Alhuzeirh documentary-maker and to host the Commission's experts in all programs and related activities carried out by the Department of freedoms network Al Jazeera in exchange for hosting similar to members of the section in the activities of the Committee . He noted Dr. Ali bin Smaikh Marri, chairman of the National Committee for Human Rights at a press conference on this occasion at the memorandum of understanding with Al-Jazeera network, which allows the continuation of effective cooperation already existing between the Ganpinmund establishment of the Committee .. The committee aims to develop this cooperation in the framework of concrete in the form of agreements and measures to serve the goals pursued by both the Commission and the Al Jazeera network. In the framework of this cooperation and partnership between the Commission and the network, said Dr. Al Marri said the Al Jazeera Network announced their support for the prize announced by the National Commission for Human Rights in the month of March as the martyr Qatari Hassan Al Jaber, who cited the result of which his work on the Libyan territories, noting that such cooperation ordained to include as a memo of understanding other aspects of the training and the island to cover the various activities of the Commission. He continued, "that the island will also support the World Conference to pursue the perpetrators of crimes against journalists, which will be organized by the Committee in Doha next Actoahibr through coverage of its activities and host special guests in their programs." Dr. Marri, in response to questions from reporters that talk about human rights issues does not have a fixed roof, as it is one of important issues and urgent in today's world, pointing to the critical importance of cooperation between the Commission and the network of the island in this area in order to promote these rights and known and disseminated Asus range. He also spoke about cooperation between the Committee and Al Jazeera for kids on the promotion of a culture of human rights among the youth and children through a variety of programs between the two sides. As for Mr. Waddah Khanfar, has praised the significant role played by the National Commission for Human Rights to disseminate and promote the culture of human rights, noting that Al-Jazeera network play a similar role and is therefore a joint letter between the parties designed to promote human dignity and the protection of their rights. He stressed that the network of the island pursues in handling and dissemination of such issues of transparency and integrity, he said that the signing of the MoU is in line with goals and a common message to both the Al Jazeera Network, the National Commission for Human Rights. He reviewed the items contained in the memorandum, including training and promotion activities, which convened and hosted by the Commission, including the International Conference for the prosecution of perpetrators of crimes against journalists in October where the Network will provide care information to him, pointing out that the memo, which he said a framework agreement, is a positive first step towards Mziz of cooperation between the two sides which are "open to an effective institution in the ocean and the local, Arab and international." He noted that Mr. Khanfar Doha International Conference for the prosecution of crimes against journalists is important because it is looking at the subject of vital and essential in promoting the rights of journalists and the establishment of an international coalition provides such protection, noting that Al Jazeera journalists were the most affected due to abuse of their rights. He believed that the important step the conference and the ability and correct and that the island will be a partner and will by definition and dissemination of recommendations and hosting guests. He also stressed the island to support the media and institutional award of Ali Hassan Al Jaber announced by the National Commission for Human Rights in March, especially since Al-Jaber is the martyr of Qatar and Al Jazeera. He expressed hope that the follow-up recommendations for the conservation and protection of human rights everywhere in the world, noting that the initiative in this regard had been launched from Doha. In answer to a question, Mr. Khanfar denied that any opinions Island View is an instigator and contrary to reality .. Affirming that the island has now become a platform through which people express their opinions, (follow the culture of the island was defending the oppressed .. it did not make a revolution and do not want made, and did not make the events, but professionally covered when located, which gives people the feeling that the right will not be wasted). He said that the regulations are trying to blur the facts, but the presence of independent media such as the island contributed to uncover the truth. In a statement to reporters, Mr. Mohammed Abdullah Al Ibrahim Maadheed director of education programs and the National Commission for Human Rights, said the Doha International Conference for the prosecution of crimes against journalists will be attended by participants from many different levels, including the UN, civil society and journalists themselves. He said the conference aims to forge a global agreement to protect journalists and to find a global plan to support this proposal.