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Posted On: 6 August 2011 03:09 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:11 pm

Bin Hammam accuses FIFA of violating its own rules

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Former Asian Football Confederation president Mohamed bin Hammam has accused FIFA of violating its own rules by failing to produce the full reasons for his lifetime ban. Describing the situation as “outrageous” and “suspicious”, the Qatari said in his blog yesterday that he could not formally lodge an appeal against his ban until the reasoned decisions have been produced by FIFA. “It has been two weeks since the FIFA Ethics Committee hearing and we are still waiting for FIFA to publish its reasoned decision. This is important because under FIFA’s own rules I am not able to appeal the decision of the FIFA Ethics Committee through the FIFA appeals process until the reasoned decision is published,” Bin Hammam wrote. “Although FIFA was keen to introduce the sanctions against me immediately, it has been in much less of a hurry to publish the reasons behind its decision. This delay is suspicious in that it gives FIFA the time to devise a justification for a decision that it was always going to make anyway. “This is also outrageous as FIFA has been quick to publicise my guilt while holding up my opportunity to appeal. FIFA is therefore violating its own rules by seeking to enforce an order before issuing a decision explaining its grounds. The delay is suspicious. “I therefore call on FIFA to produce its reasoned decision and I also renew the request that was made on July 23 to release a full transcript of the hearing to the media.” Bin Hammam said he was encouraged by the Asian Football Confederation’s decision not to hold a presidential election before May 30, 2012. “I welcome the opportunity that this affords to pursue the legal channels to clear my name,” Bin Hammam said. He was banned by FIFA’s ethics committee after being found guilty of paying or offering “bribes”. Bin Hammam, who had been set to run against FIFA president Sepp Blatter in the presidency election, has been suspended from all football activity since May 29 and has said he will vigorously contest all charges of attempting to bribe members of the Caribbean Football Union. Agencies