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Posted On: 10 November 2019 02:27 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:21 pm

Ashghal starts construction of three beautiful public parks

Khadiza Begum
Khadiza Begum
Content Writer
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The Public Works Authority 'Ashghal' has announced the construction of three public parks including development of Rawdat Al Khail Park (Al Muntaza Park), and new parks at Al Gharafa and Umm Al Seneem.

On his part, Eng. Abdulhakeem Al Hashemi, Head of Public Projects Section at Ashghal clarified that there is increasing need for more public parks and the pressure on the existing public parks network due to the escalation of population growth in Qatar. This has necessitated Ashghal to implement these three parks in wider lands at Al Gharrafa and Umm Al Seneem areas in addition to developing the Rawdat Al Khail Park, popularly known as Al Muntaza Park.

Eng Al Hashemi explained that the designs of these parks ensure the provision of social, environmental and recreational benefits to the neighborhood. The charming design will also attract visitors and tourists to these areas because of the large spaces allocated for green arena and planting hundreds of trees in reflection of the Qatari environment, with second-grade green building quality to ensure for environment protection.

The head of public projects section further said that the design includes lanes for joggers and cyclists besides sports equipment and play areas for children of all ages including children with special needs.

Rawdat Al Khail Park

Rawdat Al Khail Park, popularly known as Al Muntaza Park, is located in Rawdat Al Khail area on C Ring Road. It is located on a vast area of 140,000 square meters covering many facilities for the needs of visitors of all ages with a distinct green environment. The features include green arena on 105000 sqm, planting 1250 trees, pedestrian and bicycle paths along 1300 meters, 401 car parking slots.

Umm Al Seneem Park

Located at Hayr Al Zahra Street and Waab Lebarg Street in Umm Al Seneem on an area of ​​about 130,000 square meters, Umm Al Seneem Park includes many facilities for visitors of all ages with a distinct green environment. The features include green arena along 102,000 square meters, planting 740 trees, building pedestrian and bicycle paths along 1200 meters, 378 car parking slots.

Al Gharrafa Park

Al Gharafa Park, located at Umm Al Zuber Street in Al Gharrafa and to be constructed on an area of ​​about 50, 000 square meters will cover many facilities for visitors of all ages as well as a distinct green environment. The features include green arena along 36,000 square meters, planting 307 trees, pedestrian and bicycle paths along 650 meters, 208 car parking lots.

Common features

Each park includes two children's play areas where the new design enhances the physical and mental wellbeing of children by providing play stuff for two different age groups of 2-5 years and 6-12 years, in consideration of children with special needs, promoting children's healthy growth and development.

The parks encourage visitors to enhance physical activism with the provision of sports equipment in two different areas in each park, beside lanes for joggers and bicycle riders, which shall suite a healthy atmosphere for all ages and encourage visitors to use the parks during all seasons throughout the year.

The proposed three parks also warrant environmental protection through implementing the second grade quality of green building. The trees will be planted in line with the Qatari environment including wild Ghaff, Samar, Sidra, etc. These trees will provide vast environment and contribute in controlling effects of winds and dust, as well as contribute to reducing temperature and air pollution in the city.

There are also considerable economic benefits as there are large yards that can be used for local companies and community services, where kiosks and stalls will be constructed to sell products and services to the visitors.

(Source: The Public Works Authority 'Ashghal')