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Posted On: 2 October 2014 03:07 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:14 pm

Ashghal: Opening Al Obaidli Steel Bridge Completely to Traffic

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In a step to alleviate traffic congestion on E-Ring Road, the Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’ announced opening the temporary steel bridge, constructed over Mesaimeer Junction (known as Al Obaidli roundabout), completely to traffic on the evening of Thursday 2nd of October 2014.

Opening of this temporary bridge, which has been constructed for the first time in Qatar, represents an interim solution to ease the congestion issues in the area, until the completion of development works of E-Ring Road.

Road users can now benefit from reduced travel time and take advantage of a free flow route from Al Thumama roundabout towards Bu Hamour area without the need to travel through Mesaimeer Junction, which will significantly relieve traffic congestion in this area.

The newly constructed bridge will provide temporary solutions to traffic congestion problems at Mesaimeer Junction, which is already at full capacity. These problems prompted the need to find a solution that allowed completion of development works in the area without affecting traffic flow.

To achieve this, Ashghal conducted a comprehensive site study, and based on it built a temporary steel bridge to accommodate traffic coming from E-Ring Road towards Rawdat Al Khail Street.

With a total cost of QR 30 million, the project comprises the construction of approximately 1.2 km directional ramp including a temporary steel bridge that is approximately 240 metres long. The bridge will consist of one free-flow lane for traffic with a shoulder serving as an emergency parking lane.

To ensure the safety of the road users and to reduce traffic accidents, the speed limit has been set at 50 km per hour. However, in case of an accident or emergency, the concerned vehicles can stop or park on the shoulder and wait for emergency services without disrupting traffic.

In order to maintain the traffic flow, Ashghal has adopted special procedures to prevent heavy vehicles from using the bridge. Instead of using the bridge, these vehicles will only be allowed to use the existing roads at Mesaimeer Junction.

This procedure aims to alleviate major traffic jams in the area and allow normal passenger vehicles to turn left from E-Ring Road (near airport, west) towards Rawdat Al Khail Street (through east industrial, west).

Ashghal commended the project team for its effort and dedication despite the difficulties given that the project is located in a heavy traffic area. The project team, in partnership with the Expressway Programme Consultant team were able to complete this project as per schedule.

The temporary steel bridge is part of the E-Ring Road project which aims to develop and improve the main roads within Doha. The project includes the development of the E-Ring Road from Al Muntazah intersection to Airport Road intersection (Ahmad Al-Ahmad intersection).