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Posted On: 7 March 2015 11:49 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:14 pm

Ashghal blamed for traffic woes

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Some engineers have blamed Ashghal for traffic jams in the city, especially on C Ring road and D Ring road, Al Raya has reported. They say the inability of the public works authority to ensure contractors finish road projects in time and poor planning are causing traffic jams in different areas.

According to them, contractors for new projects do not create alternative routes when they start a new road project.

Engineer Badriya Kavood said that traffic jams were the result of poor planning as the authorities did not take a long-term view.

All road projects are temporary and planned only with the current problems in mind. Citing examples, she said the projects in the Najma area and on the C Ring, D Ring and E Ring roads were temporary in nature.

Engineers said there was need to set up a new department to manage traffic. It should be assigned the work of informing the public about new road construction works, closure of routes and diversions. This information should be disseminated through different media on a daily basis.

Engineer Khalid Al Nasr said that engineers at Ashghal should think of problems that may arise in future and plan projects to address those problems. They should not wait for a problem to occur and then plan to solve it.

Contractors should leave enough space on both sides of roads so that they can be expanded to meet future requirements. He added that a planner should think of future needs and not just the immediate requirements.

He said the authorities did not time road expansion and maintenance works properly. These works should be carried out during school vacations, when traffic volumes are lower, he said.

Engineer Nasir Al Suaidi said contractors start a project and then move to another, leaving the former project incomplete which accentuates traffic problems.

They start construction in one area and then start work in some other area randomly.

Engineer Mohamed Ibrahim Al Mohanadi, Deputy Chairman, Qatar Society of Engineers, said Ashghal’s Project Department works in a random way while developing roads or their maintenance works.

Ahmed Jolo, Chairman, Qatar Society of Engineers, said it is not easy to develop old areas and carry out road projects.

These areas have many commercial institutions, shops, administrative offices, underground cables, water supply pipes and sewage networks.

People should keep patience during development work.