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Posted On: 12 March 2014 10:44 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:14 pm


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As part of the ongoing works to upgrade Al Gharaffa Street, the Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’ has announced a temporary traffic diversion in Al Gharrafa area. Commencing from Friday, 14March a southbound detour will be operational on Al Gharrafa Street from Al Gharrafa Roundabout (R/A) to what is known as the Tilted R/A on three lanes located next to the North Gharrafa Detour (northbound carriageway).

For the purpose of easing traffic around the construction area, the Tilted R/A road has been widened to three lanes to improve capacity and ease movement of traffic leaving the southbound detour. Gharrafa Roundabout has been already widened to 3 lanes during construction of the North Gharrafa Detour (Northbound carriageway) which is now open to traffic. These additional modifications have been done to improve safety and road conditions for drivers on the previously opened diverted section.

Ashghal stated that the existing Northbound Detour on Al Gharrafa Street (Northbound) will be unaffected by the changes.

As Illustrated on the map attached, following is the key information on the new diversion routes around Al Gharaffa Street.

· Existing southbound traffic moving from Gharaffa R/A towards Al Telal Street (to access Al Khawarizmi Primary Independent Girls School and Sudanese School for Boys) or access the Qatar Science & Technology Park (QSTP) and Sidra hospital, will be required to follow directional signs from Gharrafa Roundabout to the first new junction on the Southbound Detour. The first junction situated on the right will include a traffic island and will guide traffic onto a short two way link connecting the junction with the existing junction at Al Telal Street.

· Traffic leaving Al Telal Street will have the option of turning left to reach the new junction or right onto Al Gharrafa Street.

· Traffic turning left from Al Telal Street will turn right at the service junction onto the Detour to reach Tilted Roundabout. At Tilted Roundabout traffic will be required to U-turn if travelling north towards North Road. This is the preferred route for traffic from Al Telal Street to reach Tilted Junction.

· Taking a right turn from Al Telal Street will allow traffic heading south access to Qatar Science & Technology Park (QSTP). This section will be made one way and will act as a service road to carry traffic leaving QSTP and Sidra towards Luqta Street. Local traffic travelling to Doha will turn right using a new alternative route to get on Luqta Street and continue straight to Shaqab Roundabout where they can take a U-turn.

Expected to be operational until August 2016, the southbound detour is an essential diversion installed to commence the upgrading of the existing Al Gharaffa route and complete the diversion of nderground utilities. The upgrading works will involve construction of a 4-lane underpass in both directions with a central median island and an interchange junction replacing the previous 2 lanes for north and southbound traffic.

Al Gharrafa Street upgrading works is part of Ashghal’s Dukhan Highway East expressway project which runs from the Bani Hajer interchange (west) to the Titled Interchange (east).The project is an integral part of Ashghal’s Expressway Projects which is a nationwide road infrastructure programme that that will improve the way people and places are connected across Qatar.


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