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Posted On: 30 August 2016 10:03 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:16 pm

Are post offices obsolete? Q-Post keeps up in the age of digitalization

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Written by: Atiyatulla

Many people think that the Qatar Postal Services Company (Q-Post) is outdated due to recent technological improvements in how people communicate with each other around the world. People have adapted to using emails, WhatsApp, video calls, and much more, to communicate and break long distance barriers.

Q-Post was once the most important center in Doha for sending and receiving word from our loved ones, but has it lost its importance in our technological world of today?

History and significance

The trademark Q-post Headquarters was designed to resemble a pigeon's loft in order to signify the role pigeons played during the ancient times.

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Maud Daniel, Head of Marketing & Communications at Q-Post, said, “Qatar Post is the official postal services provider for the State of Qatar and was established in 1950 as a government department.” According to Daniel, Q-Post became a corporation and then a service company under government subsidiary. But in a year’s time, Q-Post will be an independent company.

Daniel also mentioned how the advent of the internet and home shopping has boosted the role and need for eCommerce service providers and “Qatar Post is best placed to service this market through our CONNECTED by Qatar Post service and general postal products.”

Future Operations

According to Daniel, Q-Post is working on a major transformation program as part of Qatar’s 2030 vision in order to provide modern postal services in line with Qatar being a modern economy.

“Qatar Post is about to embark on an exciting journey as they aim to transform their service portfolio and introduce a range of new services that will enhance both business and personal experience,” Daniel said. “Their aim is to develop Qatar Post into a modern digitally enabled organization operating to world class standards.”

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One of Q-Post’s more prominent services is CONNECTED, which is an e-commerce platform. They’re introducing new shipping services from global brands to customers, using many delivery options including free home delivery, smart locker delivery, and collection at their 30 branches.

Most online merchants don’t deliver to Qatar. CONNECTED offers virtual addresses in the United States and the United Kingdom and will also offer it next month for addresses in China and Japan! This of course enables residents of Qatar to virtually shop online from whatever store they’d like.

Q-Post’s vision is to provide the best class postal services across Qatar and embrace the advent of digital life. Q-post is going to stop at nothing to provide efficient and adapting modern means of services to its customers.

The services provided by Q-Post are:

  • Letter posts
  • Parcel posts
  • Money transfers
  • Post office box subscription
  • Secure door-to-door local delivery of important documents, called Q-Post Premium. These documents are tracked through every stage of handling and the sender receives confirmation that the delivery has been completed safely via the Internet.
  • E-Government: This system allows for the collection and delivery in sealed bags, which contain passports and documents from Q-Post to the Immigration Department and back, and to produce and store all the relevant documentation.
  • Khazaz Service Q-Post collection & delivery service. Khazaz is the new service from Q-Post which brings your mail items from your PO Box or posts them every day at a fixed time right to your company location.
  • Posting boxes on Streets: Q-Post has 201 street letter posting boxes, distributed in ten zones covering 48 districts in Qatar. Letters are collected from the boxes at 8am and 4pm.
  • CONNECTED: an e-commerce service provided by Q-Post to deliver the online shopped goods to the customer’s doorstep due to various online shopping stores’ lack of international shipping services in the GCC.

Do you use Q-Post's services? What do you think about Q-Post trying to keep up with modern technology? Comment below!