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Posted On: 26 August 2013 02:47 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:13 pm

Absent-minded parents leave behind sleeping child in taxi

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DOHA: In a bizarre incident, an expatriate family apparently returning from long vacation on Saturday left their child sleeping in the back seat of a taxi they hailed from the Doha International Airport to their residence in Al Dafna, while they were safely home. The family forgot in a hurry to pick their small child as they hurried into their home after pulling their luggage out. They panicked minutes later, cursing themselves hard for their absent-mindedness, and immediately rushed out but the cab was nowhere in sight. They called Karwa’s call centre and informed them of the incident. The cabbie was alerted on their wireless system and even he didn’t know an innocent small passenger was his companion, sleeping in bliss behind, having been left behind by its family. The child was safely returned to the parents by the driver, the state-run transport company Mowasalat said yesterday. The incident occurred in the morning. The family, reportedly Arab nationals, had returned from their vacation. At around 11am, they hailed a Karwa cab from the taxi rank at the airport. Their child was sleeping in the back seat. As they reached home, they sent back the taxi after paying the fare but forgot to take the child. The taxi had left the place by the time they realised that the child was not with them and they didn’t have any numbers to contact the driver. They then called the Karwa call centre which located the taxi that led to the safe return of the child. The taxi was apparently not very far from the place where the family lives and the driver was alerted before he parked the taxi elsewhere. “The parents phoned the company’s call centre and officials immediately contacted the driver. He then drove back to where he had dropped off the parents,” Mowasalat said in a statement. The driver is being featured in the company’s e-newsletter, Mowasalat added.