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Posted On: 16 July 2014 04:32 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:14 pm

10 Super Easy Ways to Make Qatar Greener

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It's time for another Top 10 list! This time, we're all about creative ways to help Qatar become a greener country. Some of the stuff here is super simple. Think you can do what it takes? Read on!

1. Less bottled water


Tap water in Qatar is actually very clean, and you can get a water purifier to put under your sink to filter it. By doing that you will reduce the waste produced by plastic bottles. (Really need to use plastic bottles? Then recycle!)

2. Bring your own bags to supermarket


Everyone knows how many plastic bags are used when grocery shopping; often a whole bag is used for a single item. In many countries, super markets actually charge for plastic bags. So bring your own bags, which you can reuse. Cloth bags are not only practical and ecofriendly, they also hold more weight without ripping and are easier to carry.

3. Cut down on energy consumption


- Change light bulbs

Compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) give more light, last over many years and only use a quarter of the energy normal light bulbs use.

- Turn off electronic devices during the night

If you turn off your computer, tablets and other electronics during the night, you save energy and the battery efficiency of your device.

- Don’t pre heat the oven

For many cakes and dishes like pizza, you don’t need to pre heat the oven, so why waste energy? Also check if it’s ready by looking through the window first, before opening the door.

- Dry clothes on a clothesline or rack

We live in Qatar, where you can make use of the heat and sun. If you dry your clothes in air, they won’t shrink or get ruined in the dryer and more energy is saved. But avoid humidity and sand storms, and don’t let your clothes stay in the sun for too long.

4. Drive responsibly


Don’t race around the city wasting oil, fuel and tires. Be safe and green! They say if you listen to calm music, it also helps you save fuel. It's true. They tested it on Top Gear too. Top Gear never lies!

5. Save water


- … when doing the dishes

Modern dishwashers are very efficient, so wait for a full load until turning it on, and don’t pre rinse your dishes.

- … when watering your plants

Having plants can make your home greener and healthier, but make sure to get plants that are used to high temperatures and less water.

- … when taking a shower and brushing your teeth

Turn off the tab when brushing your teeth and shampooing your hair. Then you will also not run out of cold water too quickly.

6. Buy local meat, dairy products, veggies and fruit


This will not only save energy and transportation costs, but food from Qatari farms has a lot of flavor, while tomatoes imported from central Europe lack taste, because of the transportation.

7. Donate clothes and toys


Whatever you don’t need, don’t keep in your closet or throw away. Someone else might be happy to have it. In Qatar there are many ways in which you can donate toys or clothes.

8. Buy second hand


If you are thinking about buying something, consider buying it second hand. The various platforms on the Internet will help you find the right thing for you for less money. Swap, trade and buy second hand for example on the Bazaar in the MIA Park, or have a look at our classifieds section!

9. Recycle paper and use less


- Use less napkins

Just using a napkin less per day can make the difference!

- Bring your own coffee mug

If you go to the cafeteria of your workplace or the coffee shop close by, every day or maybe even many times a day, consider bringing your mug. Most coffee shops are willing to fill it with your favorite tea or coffee, instead of taking the paper cups.

- Use E-ticket when you can

Modern technology makes it possible to avoid printing tickets, by using an E-ticket. Also it is much easier to lose a little piece of paper, than a picture on your phone or tablet.

10.Choose matches over lighters

Lighters are usually made of plastic and are filled with butane fuel, that are both a harmful to our environment, so switch to matches.