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Posted On: 28 February 2016 11:56 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:52 pm

Top 10 Things to Expect from the Musheirib Downtown Doha

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With ‘Downtown Doha’, ‘Dohaland’ or the ‘Heart of Doha’ in the making, there will be many things to do and places to see you can anticipate. The QR20 billion project is “inspired by the past, designed for the future”, and has a couple of surprises in store for literally everyone!

Here is the top 10 list of things to expect from this amazing project.

1. Musheirib aims for a non-isolating community atmosphere.


Doha downtown will offer you everything outside your doorstep. The beautiful homes in the residential area, that make up almost 30% of the whole of Doha Downtown, give you with its location the perfect opportunity to socialize as offices, grocery stores, schools and entertainment are within walking distance.

2. The creation of a new language in architecture, designs from the past with the newest technology


The regeneration of this part of Doha with its values for community and a sense of a shared destiny as it has once been, with visions of the future calls for architecture that will serve as a foundation for this project. The new language of architecture aims to authentically represent the Qatari heritage. The elements of the timeless Qatari architecture include robustness, simplicity, ornament, space and the sufficient use of sunlight and heat. The architecture follows the so-called Seven Steps that will ensure that Doha Downtown reflects the aspects of the past of Qatari culture while being both ecofriendly and sustainable. Musheirib aspires to obtain LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold Ratings for the buildings, and LEED Platinum for others. The LEED is a certification concept that has been developed by the US Green Building Council.

Therefore, Downtown Doha will use fewer resources, produce less waste and will cost less to operate.

3. Emphasis on culture and heritage in this part of Doha


In Doha Downtown you will experience culture in the museums, historical and heritage sites. The ‘Diwan Amiri Quarter` will also include three major government buildings and the National Archive, a Cultural Forum and an Eid Prayer Ground. By making these sites accessible for the people in Doha Downtown, Musheirib brings culture a little closer to you and me. When walking to the store or back home from having coffee with a friend, you might pass by a museum with a new exhibition. Having this in your immediate reach makes cultural entertainment and education much easier.

4. Doha Downtown will also be an educational portal.


Our children go to schools all over the city, and that might result in being in the car for a considerable time. This is supposed to be different in Doha Downtown with the schools and educational institutes that are planned to be built here. Here, kids can walk to school, leaving us all a lot more time for other things, and leaving the kids with an experience of going to school in the neighborhood, with all their friends living in the area.

5. There will be more walking!


Musheirib will be pedestrian friendly, while the cars are parked in the underground parking. Leaving your car, and walking by foot can have an immense impact on your well-being and here you can enjoy this privilege without fear of getting run over. Not only is it healthy and relaxing but it will again create a platform for social interaction.

6. This area isn’t only for permanent residents.


If you are here for vacation or you live here and have friends or family visiting you, there are Hotels to be built as well. This experience is therefore also open for visitors that can then share their vacation with the residents living in the residential area at night or during the day on the cultural sites. This will bring people closer that live here and outside Qatar. Hotels to be built include the Mandarin Oriental Hotel at Al Baraha (see 8.), ‘Al Wadi’ Hotel facing the Souq Waqif, and Park Hyatt located in the heart of Musheirib and next to a park.

7. There will be an extensive shopping, dining and entertainment area


Sikkat Al Wadi will be the retail Quarter, with world-class entertainment and dining, shops, a department store and high-end boutiques.

Going shopping in the Heart of Doha sounds as appealing as it can be, since you can connect it with everything else; gaining insights on culture, going for coffee with a friend, or having a classy dinner at night. This will be a whole new shopping and entertainment experience in Doha that you cannot miss. Sikkat Al Wadi will also provide entertainment for children in a dedicated zone with activities for the little ones.

8. Entertainment and Performances will be held in Al Baraha


Going out in Doha Downtown is more than just going for dinner. You will be entertained, and performances are also shown in the entertainment area, called Al Baraha. This is definitely something to anticipate and look forward to.

9. Musheirib is aimed to be the new Business and Commercial Part of Doha.


The Premium office space, making up over a third of the whole of Doha Downtown, will be in the located in the Business Gateway Quarter.

You can go to work by foot, if you live here. This will further increase the tie between the future and culture, as well as making this part of Doha a significant central point.

10. Doha Downtown will feature train service with a train station


Public transportation is something Doha aims to improve by building the railway that will take you from one place of Doha to the other, without having to use to car, making it also easier for students and individuals without cars to move independently. The Heart of Doha will have trains running through and stopping for people to hop on to reach places outside the area, where they cannot walk.

If you want to see more, check this video also on Youtube "Msheirib - The Downtown Regeneration Project" -->