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Posted On: 23 March 2016 10:52 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:55 pm

Qatar International Food Festival is coming!

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Qatar International Food Festival is here!

Foodies everywhere will be delighted to know that the Qatar International Food Festival will be happening March 22-28th.

Bring your family and friends to the three locations that we have this year, Museum of Islamic Art Park, the Pearl and Katara Cultural Village. Don’t worry about transportation QIFF got that covered. They are going to launch water shuttles that circulate between the three venues they have for this year. If you want to get your private vehicle, they are offering public parking areas and if you don’t feel like searching for a parking spot, they have valet parking services.


Social Influencers:

Ghanim Al Sulaiti and Aisha Al Tamimi are Qataris who are social influencers to the Qatar International Food Festival.


Ghanim Al Sulaiti is a 23-year-old Qatari vegan who likes to promote health in Qatar and teach children about healthy lifestyles.


Aisha Al Tamimi (right) supervised a Qatari culinary training course last year’s Qatar International Food Festival. (Photo credit)

Go to Museum of Islamic Art Park and check out their courts they have cooked up for you that offer food that prices range from 5-35 QR.

Health Court:

QIFF supports healthy eating and lifestyles. Ghanim will be attending the healthy food workshops, retail healthy food products, and an exciting assessment health station that QIFF have in store for you this year.

Kids Court:

QIFF will be providing performances and activities where kids can burn the food that they induce. Kids will get to enjoy the Daily Baraem TV stage performances, Museum of Islamic Art Park Playground and exciting outdoor activities.

Qatar-China Court:


In celebration of the Qatar/China 2016 cultural partnership, cuisines of Qatar and China will be presented by Qatar Museums in the DIFF this year.

Cooking Theatre Court:


QIFF’s Cooking Theatre Court in the Museum of Islamic Art Park will give you a chance to watch live cooking demonstrations from your favorite chefs. They are bringing you Arab and international chefs such as Master chefs, Food evangelists, Fatafeat TV chefs and Chinese chefs. Things may also get spicy at the chef competitions that they’ll be holding.

5-Star Court

Experience the food that will be served from 16 of Qatar’s five-star hotels.

All Stars Court:

DIFF will give you a great opportunity to have multiple cuisines on one dish. In their All Stars Court at the Museum of Islamic Art Park they will be serving food from 20 different restaurants.

Dinner in the Sky Court:

Look what’s back to amuse you!