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Posted On: 28 June 2018 03:40 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:00 pm

The top 5 activities we experienced & absolutely loved at KidzMondo Doha

Khadiza Begum
Khadiza Begum
Content Writer
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KidzMondo Doha is an international ‘edutainment’ concept, designed to provide a complete solution for children’s activities housed in a unique indoor theme park.

KidzMondo has been created with the intention of imparting knowledge through playful learning. Children experience age-appropriate activities in a dynamic and exciting yet safe environment and the city has quickly become a center of joy for children in Qatar. It is a place where education surpasses the traditional learning format by combining fun and inspirational methods of training that kids will enjoy – for example, through roleplay. The city stresses the importance of ‘edutainment’ both as a method of learning and a way of yielding results through fun-filled activities.

Located in the country’s largest and most unique ‘Mall of Qatar’, KidzMondo Doha spans a built-up area of about 8000 m2. The indoor facility is easily accessible by road, trains and the new highway, and will also be connected to the future GCC Inter-rail.

KidzMondo Doha is an international 'edutainment' park for children between 2 and 14 years, featuring a self-sufficient city built for and managed solely by children who are known as Kidizens.

This mini city has its own economy and currency, public services and over 60 different professional role play based activities and although every single activity is unique and exciting, we have picked five of the best ones that we have experienced.

Mini Pancake

Mini Pancakes, KidzMondo, Qatar
(Photo credit: Khadiza Begum)

Cooking can help children to build self-confidence and lay the foundation for healthy eating habits in the future. By involving kids in the process of creating their own meal KidzMondo takes them on an exciting culinary experience that not only provides them with a delicious meal to boost their energy but stirs their creativity and teaches them the importance of having an essential life-skill.

Mini Pancake will give youngsters the opportunity to make delicious, freshly prepared pancakes, with a board choice of savory and sweet condiments to KidzMondo’s visitors, also providing Kidizens with fresh ingredients to prepare the treat. They will then enjoy eating their very own pancake and if there is anything leftover ‘to go’, they can take that home as well.


Aircraft, KidzMondo, Qatar
(Photo credit: Khadiza Begum)

If your kids are interested in venturing into a career in the sky, the Qatar Airways site at KidzMondo Doha provides a truly unique learning activity - a comprehensive insight into all aspects of the airline travel experience. They will be encouraged to take on all kinds of roles including pilot and airline staff within the specially adapted real aircraft models.

(Photo credit: KidzMondo Doha)

Children can adopt the role of an airport agent, issuing boarding passes to visitors at a replica of Hamad International Airport’s check-in counter.

And where planes are concerned, the journey gets even more fascinating! Children get the opportunity to explore the plane, examine its different parts and experience the daily tasks required of Qatar Airways staff.

They are also able to play the role of cabin crew, learning about the safety and service standards required of all aviation professionals. And they can live out the excitement of actually being a pilot in a Qatar Airways cockpit!

Al Mashata SPA

Al Mashata SPA, KidzMondo, Qatar
(Photo credit: Khadiza Begum)

As your little girls grow up, they might have fantasized about getting pampered at a spa and being waited on for a day. Let your girls make that dream true by treating them to a trip to the Al Mashata Spa at KidzMondo, where their every whim will be indulged!

Al Mashata SPA
(Photo credit: KidzMondo Doha)

Al Mashata Spa is a magical place where nature meets nurture and allows your girls to experience being the centre of attention.

Al Dallah Driving Academy Al Dallah Driving, Qatar

Al Dallah Driving Institute is a professional institute providing comprehensive driving lessons to prepare kids to obtain a driving license. Once they have qualified to drive kids can participate in car races that take place at KidzMondo's very own racetrack!

Seib Insurance

Seib Insurance, Qatar

After attending driving school at the edutainment city, Kidizens qualify for their driving licence by registering at the Seib office, where they will receive their motor insurance card. Seib Insurance is a multi-purpose insurance company for Kidizens that provides them with medical, motor and fire insurance services. This introduces children to important skills that they will need to acquire on their journey into adulthood.

For Medical Insurance, Kidizens must approach the medical insurance officer and provide relevant personal information such as their name, birthday, height, weight and other details in order to have their medical insurance card printed.

It is clear that KidzMondo Doha offers many enriching and uniquely child centred activities that educate through fun in a safe and stimulating environment. By constantly improving the range and quality of their ‘edutainment’ the staff at KidzMondo are committed to providing Kidizens with activities that set them apart from other centres. Which ensures that not only is your child’s visit memorable, but totally unique!

Ticket Price

Below 1 year old: complimentary
1 - below 4 years old: QR 90
4 - 14 years old: QR 135
Above 14 years old - adults: QR 90
Special needs: QR 85


Saturday - Thursday: 10 AM - 10 PM
Friday: 1:00 PM - 10 PM

Contact details

Location: Mall of Qatar, Doha
Phone:+974 4028 5888
Fax:+974 4028 5800
P.O.BOX 24032
Email: [email protected](General Inquiries)

(Cover photo credit: KidzMondo Doha)