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Posted On: 26 May 2016 12:54 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:56 pm

Dress to impress in Qatar’s Brands

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If you made a list of all the things Qatar is famous for, you can be sure fashion is among these things. Fashion is to Qatar what the sea is to the desert. And Qatar’s designers are lovestruck writing love songs to fashion and to Qatar. Dedicated to creating the most daring, stunning, beautiful, border-crossing, unique, elegant and stylish clothing, jewelry perfume and more. We went out to search for the greatest looks Qatar has to offer. The list is extensive and overwhelming, but here are condensed our best picks for fashion and perfume brands. We simply cannot get enough of them, what about you?

1. KRZ Qatar


Are you looking for Qatar-inspired jewelry and pretty prints? A sprinkle of tradition, a splash of glam and you have KRZ Qatar. Cute feminine bracelets and pearl necklaces are items you find here. KRZ Qatar is for the girly fans of Qatar.

2. Melag Boutique


Melag Boutique has lots of very unique pieces to offer. Follow Melag on instagram and find whatever you desire from pieces of smart clothing or clutch bags. Be sure that if you get something from Melag, you won’t find yourself constantly bumping into people wearing the same.



Beautiful abayas are all around in Qatar, you can be sure one of the places they’re from is CUBE. Beautiful designs that flow in the wind. These contemporary abayas are designed to make those who wear them feel like royals. Have you got the most perfect occasion abaya yet?

4. Selina Farooqui


Speaking of abayas, have you heard of up-and-coming designer Selina Farooqui? She is also inspired by modern fashion and tradition as well as Indian designs. Her abayas are simplicity paired with class and enchanting fabrics. Personally I could wear them every day!

5. Fahad Al Obaidly


Fahad Al Obaidly is a Qatari designer who made casual menswear his mission. His designs are daring to compose a mix between formal and fashionable. Al Obaidly shows Arabian fashion awareness and European vision style!



Presenting to you NAGWAH, you can find traditional dresses with fun and beautiful patterns. Wearing one of their designs, you are perfectly dressed for the summer in light materials and eye-popping colors!

7. Fanilla Couture


Fanilla Couture is one of the more famous clothing lines in Qatar. Every collection has a different theme, ambience and color scheme. Their Ramadan and National Day collections are incredibly popular and even sell out completely. That the dresses, sports wear, shirts, kimonos and children’s dresses are most wanted, is only understandable looking at their traditional patterns, designs, elegant cuts and latest fashion trends picked up in each collection!

8. Oudandrihann


Oudandrihann can only mean one thing… alluring, sweet smells. The very intoxicating fragrances are the perfect addition to your Qatari outfit. It’s a local start up you will not regret buying from. Find your signature scent here at oudandrihann.

9. Be Raza


Be Raza is all about imaginative prints. Shirts, caps, phone covers and more, all printed with your favorite design that are witty and fun. Their newest addition is linen bags with your university degree and special designs printed on. Are you studying business, social work, becoming a “future doctor”, or maybe an engineer? You’re likely to find your occupation. So express yourself through fashion!

10. Urban Arabian


Urban Arabian has come a long way from designing hats to designing tees, sweatshirts and more. The name of the brand speaks for itself; if you are urban and Arabian, have a look. Coolness is their middle name, judging from their prints and designs inspired by the newest trends.

11. Qela


This list will finish with Qela, a hand bag designer by Qatar Luxury Group. Each bag sings of luxury, finest leather, class and opulence. This is the designer bag with an edge. It couldn’t have come from anywhere else!

Now that you’ve seen our favorites, why don’t you let us in on yours? Which one of these are you going to try? Which of these have already tempted you into buying an item? We are proud of these great Qatari brands that design pieces – each a testament to their love for fashion and the State of Qatar.