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Posted On: 24 January 2021 11:10 am
Updated On: 24 January 2021 11:41 am

Dana Al Fardan to launch her fourth album through a multi-sensory experience

Binu Cherian
Binu Cherian
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Prominent Qatari composer Dana Al Fardan steps into her renowned role as Brand Ambassador, and joins forces with the internationally-reputed Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra (QPO) once more, for a multi-sensory showcase of her new album INDIGO, set to reimagine and awaken all of your senses.

Dana has composed 10 new pieces of music for her much-anticipated fourth album, which is aptly-dubbed INDIGO. She introduces the masterpiece to audiences (release date to be confirmed) through a collaborative journey called Crystalline that plays on the power of the naked eye and one’s own consciousness, in a bid to elevate viewers towards their higher self.

Using the spectrum of light, colour, and sound, a chamber orchestra of six musicians will perform INDIGO whilst audiences are drawn into a serene space for a show that evokes and pushes human senses to their limits.

Breaking the rules of “selective absorption”, INDIGO works to connect the audience to their extra spectral senses and encourages them to captivate, expand, and amalgamate with their surroundings and within themselves, on a much deeper level.

QPO Brand Ambassador and contemporary composer, Dana Al Fardan, says:

“Each piece was composed in a colour scheme to capture a mood and a state of being.”

Taking inspiration from the prismatic Theory of Colours by German poet, artist, and politician, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, and the opponent process theory of German physiologist Ewald Hering, INDIGO’s showcase through Crystalline will be the first-of-its-kind live experience for audiences in Qatar.

Dana’s own refined flair for embracing concept and creativity sparked the invention of INDIGO, which is music that demands sensory attention. Searching deep within the ideas of colour theories and light, she has produced works that comprise of sophisticated, other-worldly compositions.

The objective of the INDIGO showcase is simple; to see and feel what humans otherwise cannot or do not. The manipulation of light and colour, with the meeting of sound, has the power to completely reconstruct how one experiences their proximity and everything within it.

Imagine a live experience where every one of your senses is woken at every turn; INDIGO does this with an intelligent combination of colours and sounds within melodic arrangements and progressions that symbolise this journey as a heightened expression of Dana’s innovative talent.

2021 remains to be a year filled with exciting projects for Dana who is currently working on her second musical with Nadim; titled Rumi, it is set to be recorded in Doha in February by the QPO musicians, and planned to be staged in the West End at a later date. She is also collaborating as part of the Qatar-USA Year of Culture 2021, through her song, Rising, with the United States Air Forces Central Command Band (AFCENT Band) to achieve their shared drive to promote inclusion and connectivity.

Rising is now available to download on Spotify and audiences can get a closer insight into the making of this collaboration with a behind the scenes video on YouTube below.

Source: Press release