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Posted On: 5 October 2020 02:04 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:08 pm

4 great reasons to choose the Belgravia High School in Doha

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4 great reasons to choose the Belgravia High School in Doha

Belgravia High School is a British school in Doha offering a new concept in education, where school students are given an excellent British education in a friendly and supportive environment. Belgravia offers students the opportunity to grow within a mature setting, offering quality education in luxurious surroundings.

Though there are many reasons to enrol your son or daughter at the Belgravia High School in Doha, here, we're sharing 4 reasons why this is a great school for high schoolers in Qatar!

1. Individual attention to every child

    As schools pivot towards larger campuses, large class sizes and an impersonal atmosphere; Belgravia High School breaks this 'size matters' concept and offers a small, personalised environment for your child.

    This style of teaching and the individual attention your child will get because the groups are smaller will give them a head start in gaining the knowledge and skills that they will need when they go off to University, as well as preparing them for the independent learning that University requires

    4 great reasons to choose the Belgravia High School in Doha

    2. Outstanding teaching in small groups

      Belgravia High School offers outstanding teaching of British curriculum subjects at AS, A2 and IGCSE in a calm, friendly and supportive learning environment. The combination of small teaching groups and quality academic delivery by the teachers provides a harmonised balance, so your son or daughter settles in quickly into life at Belgravia.

      Due to its commitment to small class sizes, the Belgravia High School can offer students of all abilities a genuine chance to achieve their full potential in what is the most crucial phase of their secondary school education.

      4 great reasons to choose the Belgravia High School in Doha

      3. Each teacher is specially handpicked

        It is the school's ethos that every child has the right to gain value-added education, and Belgravia High School is immensely proud of the teachers it has. Each teacher is specially handpicked for their expertise in their field of subject, their teaching methodology and their ability to bring out the best in your son or daughter so they can thrive and grow to be independent and determined in everything they do!

        All the teachers are approachable and are able to give individual students their full attention allowing for a more personalised style of teaching, that has proven to be more beneficial to the child and their future.

        4 great reasons to choose the Belgravia High School in Doha

        4. Testimonial from a past student’s parents

          “My daughter studied her GCSE’s at Belgravia. I cannot thank the school enough. The quality of the teaching and dedication of the staff was amazing. The teachers are truly committed to the pupils. My daughter was even able to sit her English GCSE early obtaining A*.
          It was not only the quality of the education that impressed us, but also my daughter loved the school environment. Unlike other schools, she felt she was treated in a more grown-up fashion, and had a voice. The facilities at Belgravia are fantastic and provide a really modern and exciting environment in which to learn.
          This school is the perfect size and has a great community feel, unlike some of the larger schools in Qatar where pupils can feel lost.
          The Principal, Ambrose Miseroy, has multiple years of experience in education and this really shows. I would not hesitate in recommending this school to anyone. Thank you, Belgravia!”

          - R Ellerbeck (July, 2020)