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Posted On: 17 June 2016 10:58 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:56 pm

Your 7 Good Deeds for the second Week of Ramadan

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The first week of Ramadan is long over and was filled with fun, cultural events, iftars, suhoors, family and friends time, sport and beautiful fashion. With so much to do and so little time, it really isn’t hard to forget about your good deeds. Did you manage to do last week’s deeds?
To keep you in the good spirit of doing something nice, here are the seven good deeds for this week. Try to practice as many as you can before next Friday! It’s a challenge and something worth your time.

1. Offer someone a bite to eat

Around sunset there are people, companies and even the police handing out dates and water. If you have a sandwich walking by construction, think about giving it away. Maybe the sandwich will make a greater difference to someone doing hard physical labor than to you.

2. Give way to others when driving

Yes, Ramadan traffic is something else… Everyone on the road is slightly frustrated, hangry and impatient. It takes very little for accidents to happen. Take the time to let someone else go, or let someone go in front of you. Communicate with the people around you to let them know you’re waiting.

3. Cook for your family

This good deed, doesn’t only count for those who never cook! Even if you cook every day, this is a good deed, and you’re performing it every day! If you are like me, and you don’t cook all the time, set a day for this week when you have enough time to cook for the whole family. Learn a new recipe!

4. Keep public places clean

Qatar’s efforts to keep public places clean are visible. You may notice during your next visit to another country just how clean Qatar, its parks, malls etc. are kept. Do your share this week by leaving the places you go to tidy. It doesn’t matter if that is your empty bottle on the ground, pick it up and throw it away!

5. Take care of someone’s pet

Is someone you know leaving their pet behind for the vacation? Offer to babysit their furry friend for the time they’re gone. There are whole Facebook groups dedicated to finding pets a new home or a staycation. This is perfect for those of us who won’t always find the time for a long-term pet, but are committed to taking care of a pet for a short time.

6. Organize an iftar with/for your colleagues

Don’t let your work associates come to short. They are also part of your life and it is nice keeping the office talk in the office and go out to get food collectively. Talk about your families, your hobbies, likes and dislikes and grow a little closer.

7. Give a compliment

No, I don’t mean a phony comment to please someone, when you don’t mean it. But how many times do I think “wow, those are nice shoes”, “what an insightful person” or “her hair looks so nice in braids”. Here, you should say what you think! If you like something about a person, tell them!

Now that I’ve given you our proposed seven good deeds for the week, why don’t you go and plan those you can plan ahead, and try to do the other ones whenever you get the chance! Let’s see how many you can reach. But remember, it’s not a chore!

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