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Posted On: 23 October 2018 04:25 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:01 pm

Why are there more men than women in Qatar?

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According to the latest population figures by the Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics (MDPS), headcount in Qatar towards the end of August 2018 has hit a total of 2,562,000, with an increase of 4.5% from last July, and 4.7% from the same period last year.

Out of the total number of population, 1,992,584 are males with females occupying only and approximately 25% of the entire number (632, 498). Meaning, there is only one female in every 3 males in Qatar—giving the oil-rich country the title of having the world’s highest male to female ratio.

Why are the more men than women in Qatar?

The human sex ratio (HSR) is the number of males for each female in a country's population.

An HSR above 1, 1.1 for example, means that here are 1.1 males for every 1 female (more males than females). A ratio below 1, e.g. 0.8, means there are 0.8 males for every 1 female (more females than males). A ratio of 1 means there are equal numbers of females and males.

As of 2016, Qatar's HSR is at 1.02 upon birth, 1.03 for those 14 years and below, 2.64 for Millenials (15-24), 4.91 for the 25-54 age bracket, 3.38 for those within 55-64 age range, and 1.71 for those above the age of 65. These numbers average to a human sex ratio of 3.41 in Qatar—a spike from 2015's 3.06 HSR.

Why are the more men than women in Qatar?

Though Qatar's male to female ratio fluctuated substantially in recent years, it tended to increase through 1970 until the present year.

Majority of Qatar's inhabitants (about 92%) reside in the capital and as foreign manpower amounts to around 88% of the entire population, there's no doubt that one of the biggest factors which contributed to the country's gender imbalance is its diverse and multi-cultural people—among many more reasons which we tried to enumerate for your convenience below:

  1. Most expats (who came mainly from South Asian countries) are male skilled workers who left their families back home in hopes of providing them a better life and seeking a greener pasture.
  2. The Ministry is a little conservative on giving VISAs for females from selected countries compared to the US, Canada, and various EU countries.
  3. Qatar is still predominantly Muslim meaning despite its openness in terms of tourism, it's still one of the most conservative territories in the Middle East. Most of the locals (and even residents) are either married or single as dating doesn't exist legally in the law.
Why are the more men than women in Qatar?

The sex ratio among adults (ages 15-64) can be highly variable and is based on migration and death rates (especially due to war). Into late adulthood and old age, the sex ratio is often highly skewed toward females.

Joining Qatar on top of the HSR list are neighbours Kuwait and Oman together with the blockading countries. Martinique, Latvia, and Lithuania are at the bottom part of the list on the other hand as these world territories are relatively home to more ladies than gentlemen.

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Why are the more men than women in Qatar?

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