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Posted On: 12 April 2016 04:23 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:55 pm

Qatar’s Beauty after the Storm

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After days of rain and misery, stormy weather in the entire region and the need to carry an umbrella, Qatar rewarded us with absolutely stunning skies. Mesmerizing images were taken all around Qatar of the vanilla sky. On April 1st of all days we were surprised with velvety red, purple and pink clouds across the sky. If we can get this sight after storm and rain, maybe it’s worth putting on a raincoat. They say you can only appreciate happiness if you’ve been sad, so maybe the same goes for the aesthetics of nature.

Cover photo taken by @mythu88

We believe it is exactly moments like this that bring us to fully appreciate and love Qatar. In a country where sandstorms, rain, mist and dust can cloud our sight, it is so important to take your time to indulge in what beauty Qatar has to offer. That includes these fantastic skies we completely obsessed over on social media. Here are our highlights from Qatar’s bloggers and hobby photographers that show off just how magnificent our country is with the imperfections and perfections it has to offer.

Perfect sunset view at Souq Waqif by @romero_qtr


Pink sky ny @buenafotos


No filter by @rimshad_r


A journey by @saheemroghey


Friday mood by @vandarren


Stuck in traffic with a view by @kannannair903


For everyone who is already saddened by the absence of the candy colored clouds, don’t you worry! It does not stop here, as in fact we are facing a fabulously sunny week with a bit of clouds as the imperfections that create beauty. No more rain, at least for this week. We can see clearly now, the rain has gone!

Doha Corniche by @akoubeisi


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