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Posted On: 13 August 2017 12:00 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:58 pm

Is Instagram becoming Qatar’s virtual art gallery?

ILQ Staff
ILQ Staff
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By Nushrat Anjum

The art we create is a reflection of who we are, and with the help of technology we’re able to promote our work and connect with relevant people. In the last few years, Instagram has become a platform for millennials to present their art to the world, and this is exactly what a young group of artists in Qatar have done -- used their phones as a medium of contemporary art to start ‘Phone Art Qatar’ (PAQ) on Instagram. ILQ sat down with the founding members of PAQ, Ammar Al Qamash, Latifa Al Darwish and Marsya Abdulghany to get an insight into this creative collective.

Image Source: Instagram

ILQ: Tell us what PAQ is about?

AAQ: PAQ is an art initiative that formed in February 2017, and aims to introduce mobile phones as a contemporary art medium. The initiative celebrates the power of creation and highlights the potential of artists who use mobile phones to produce valuable visual artworks.

ILQ: What was your vision for a group like this?

AAQ: Our vision is to have the smartphone as a mainstream form of art medium in Qatar and the Middle East within the next three years.

ILQ: How much have you accomplished towards this goal since you began?

AAQ: Our community members are the soul of our ‘photo-walks’. This is where a group of us gather and go out to take photos that document the ongoing change Qatar is facing every day. They also aim to teach and encourage our members to try different kinds of photography that inspires them to learn more and achieve more.

We’re proud of their growing numbers and their talents --we have a diverse range of more than 300 members on our PAQ Meet-Up app, which can be downloaded for Apple and Android. We’re also proud of our creative collaborations with foundations and companies such as Msheireb Museums, Qatar Foundation, and the Sheraton Grand Doha Hotel.

Image Source: Instagram

ILQ: What do you want to gain from this initiative?

AAQ: PAQ has two main aims:

1. To introduce phone photography as a new art medium.

This is achieved by:

  • Making an ongoing initiative to promote phone photography between creatives in Qatar on social media and through meet-up events.

  • Making an annual phone art exhibition where artists produce work made by, with, or about mobile phones.

  • Aiming to print an annual publication to document ‘phone-o-graphs’ in Qatar as part of our society’s emerging culture.

  • To hold photo-walks that follow curated themes.

2. To give an opportunity to phone photographers to use their talent commercially.

Image Source: Instagram

ILQ: Tell us about PAQ’s Ramadan Take-Over on Instagram and the goal behind it.

AAQ: We wanted our followers in general to have a platform through which they can share their knowledge, and we can learn more about them.

The Holy Month changes our usual lifestyle, so we wanted our followers to get a sense of how different people from different backgrounds and various countries spend their day.

We were astonished by their creative approaches in their stories and how, it provided us with a new perspective of how we could make the best of our Ramadan days.

Image Source: Instagram

ILQ: What’s your role in promoting young artists in Qatar?

AAQ: Promoting phone-art photographers is an ongoing process we’re working on.

Networking through photo-walks alway opens new doors for us and for our members.

In addition, we’re working on taking it to the next level.

We highly believe in our members’ potential and, therefore, we’re working on an exhibition that would celebrate their work and make it accessible to the wider community through a layer other than social media.

ILQ: How can people get involved with PAQ?

AAQ: Check out @phoneartQatar on Instagram, and download our Meet-Up app to sign up and join us -- we’re happy to have you onboard!

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