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Posted On: 22 June 2016 12:25 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:56 pm

A tale of social and personal development - The Youth Company

Anushay T.Khan
Anushay T.Khan
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If you’re at the traffic signal in Doha and a couple of youngsters are handing out Iftar packs to you, seems like you have already met the elves of The Youth Company. Bent on raising social and personal awareness in the generation of today, The Youth Company is equipped with all the right tools needed for professional and personal development.


We have spoken about women empowerment more than once and it is time to now focus on the youth. Where we believe in the best of education and social service, there is a company that is making it all happen for us. The Youth Company is a brainchild of Mohammed Farid who launched this idea in 2010, aiming to give the youth the space and confidence to empower and hone their skills. Not only does the company encourage the younger generation they also provide them with consultancy services, polishing their tomorrow.

Whether it is an educational program, a volunteering project, a career orientation or community work, every task aims towards refining and enhancing personalities therefore creating a long lasting impact. Keeping the Qatar National Vision of 2030, TYC caters to public, private and non-profit organizations, making sure that operational consistency is intact.


The company has given the youth the platform to not only be responsible but passionate for their country as well. Where innovation meets diversity, TYC has on-going programs in Ramadan which are bound to melt your heart. From cleaning Qatar to receiving donations for organizations such as QCharity, TYC is in on everything.

In the 5 years that it has been operating, TYC has over 90 sponsors and over 17, 0000 projects completed. This year, their annual 7asanat16 Ramadan program has been swinging in full force as their teams have divided into groups and team leaders; one visits HMC to handout food while the other team heads outdoors for collections & iftar box distribution.


Image courtesy QatarBooming

Their programs are usually in collaboration with companies that aim towards the same goal, i.e the 7asanat program is collaboration with Doha Festival city which wants to keep humanity, culture and charity in mind during the Holy Month.

One of the main qualities of the initiative is the cultural diversity it comes with. Let it be Egyptian, Canadian, Pakistani, Kuwaiti, British or Indian you will see them all here. They are often responsible for various programs such as the Run the World Festival earlier this year that encouraged the youngsters to focus on culture, art, entrepreneurship, sports and technology so that their talents are celebrated as they shine in the limelight


Get to know all about them by visiting their website: