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Posted On: 8 August 2019 06:21 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:04 pm

Startup of the Week: Nefaish Animation, animating Qatari culture

Arvin Garcia
Arvin Garcia
Content Writer
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Every week, ILQ features a different Qatari startup in our ‘Startup of the Week’ segment. Qatar has some of the most creative, unique, and impactful startups in the region, and we cover them all across a variety of industries in Doha, from fashion and beauty to food and dining, health, education, and more!

Animation has become one of the fastest-growing industry in Qatar. There is animation everywhere from television, film, advertisements, entertainment scene, even in the digital world of online gaming and interface. Thus, this week, we will be featuring a startup company in the animation and entertainment sector- Nefaish Animation.

Nefaish Animation Logo

Nefaish Animation is a promising creative studio which offers vivid and creative animation works to its potential clients. It specialises in producing high-quality animations inspired by the Qatari culture. For them, the best way to tell a story is by using simple yet meaningful animations.

Their awesome services

This emerging company boasts of world-class proficiency and expertise when it comes to production animation facilities. Their main objective is to make their clients 100% satisfied with their every animation project. Here are the main services they offer which promise exceptional results and first-rate outputs.

Qatari Working

1) 3D animation

3D animation is not their job but their passion. They craft unforgettable stories around the client’s concept and across the animation service spectrum of their abilities. Nefaish Animation’s 3D services bring their client’s vision into life.

3D Nefaish

2) 2D animation

They create high-quality 2D animation based on the project’s requirements. Their 2D artists and creators follow high-quality standard outputs. Everything is properly drawn from scratch and animated in the best possible way to achieve that memorable animation experience.

2D Nefaish

3) Motion graphics

Through motion graphics, Nefaish Animation shares its potential ideas with their clients. They talk to them and sit it out to maximise their strength and superiority over their audience. By creating a simple and understandable language through a video presentation, their clients can get their message straight to their target audience.

Qatari Lab

The visionaries

To know more about Nafaish Animation, we interviewed one of the founders of the company, Hossein Hyder. Hossein has a degree in animation and film studies with 5 years of experience in entrepreneurship. He co-founded the company with Amal Alshammari who graduated with a degree in business. Amal has more than six years of experience when it comes to managing a business. To make all their dreams to reality, they created Nefaish Animation.

Founders: Hossein Hyder and Amal Alshammar
ILQ Team: There are quite a lot of similar businesses offering animation services offered in Qatar. What separates your business from them?
Hossein: “Our values separate us apart. Cultural, our stories and characters are relatable to the local community and inspired by the Qatari culture. Creative, we carry creativity along with respect for the cultural boundaries. Quality, our animation quality is world-quality standard. Qatari, we’re an animation studio proud of producing National Qatari animation.”

To further prove his point, Hossein showed ILQ team one of their most admired projects that highlighted their excellent animation prowess. Click here to watch the video.

Qatari Men
ILQ Team: “How was the response like from your customers so far?”
Hossein: “It was very good, people love what we do, and we're been approached by government organizations to collaborate with us such as Ministry of Culture and Sports, Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs, Qatar Foundation, Nama Center, and others.”
ILQ Team: Did you seek help from any startup incubation company in the development of your company? If yes, what was their role?
Hossein: "Yes, Digital incubation center, their role was office location and training services."
Qatari Tired
ILQ Team: “Do you think startups like yours are beneficial to Qatar's economic growth?
Hossein: Yes, entrepreneurship helps to achieve Qatar National Vision of shifting from carbon economy base to knowledge economy base.

Animating Qatari culture

Nefaish Animation combines their messages with creative experience and magical touch to narrate a story. By artistically illustrating Qatari culture on their videos, they are able to help mold patriotic consciousness and awareness among the people living here in Qatar.

In the near future, the company wants to further enhance their gift of storytelling to reach out to a wider audience. Qatar is a wonderful place to live in. Its rich and diverse culture is what Nefaish Animations wishes to breach in and share to the world. Their concrete depictions of life in Qatar is exceptional that makes their startup business unique and special.

ILQ Team: “What is your advice for young entrepreneurs who are interested in establishing startups of their own?”
Hossein: “If you have an idea, and you believe in it, it's worth trying doing it.”
Qatari Girl

Nefaish Animation

Contact numbers: (+974) 4459 4374

Animation service is just starting to boom in Qatar. Be the first to experience these creative ways of telling and sharing stories through video animation. Tell us what you think about this new concept of animating Qatari culture. Write your comments below.