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Posted On: 8 August 2023 01:54 pm
Updated On: 8 August 2023 02:55 pm

Qatari Startup, SponixTech, secures virtual advertising for 54 matches in South America 2026 World Cup Qualifiers

Vrinda Abilash
Vrinda Abilash
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Qatari startup sponixtech virtual advertising south america 2026 world cup qualifiers

Sponix Tech, a visionary Qatari startup acclaimed for winning the "Best SportTech Startup of Asia by Microsoft" and “Startup of The Year” in the Sports Technology Awards, is reshaping sports broadcasting with its groundbreaking virtual advertising solutions. Pioneering this transformation since 2020, the company has recently secured the rights to implement its cutting-edge virtual advertising technology in 54 South America 2026 World Cup Qualifiers. This achievement reinforces Sponix Tech's position as an industry disruptor and an exemplar of Qatar's technological prowess.

What is Virtual Advertising?

Virtual advertising stands as an advanced technology seamlessly integrating digital ads into live broadcasts of sports events or various content forms. It masterfully conjures the illusion of these ads existing physically within the actual environment, though they are digitally inserted into the broadcast. This remarkable process ensures that different regions can experience the same football match with distinct billboards and advertising tailored to their targeted audience.

Sponix Tech harnessed the power of its exceptional virtual advertisement technology to replace physical billboards and 3D carpets. This transformation was achieved through harnessing the capabilities of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Notably, this feat was accomplished remotely from the Doha headquarters, utilising the cloud solutions provided by their partner, Google Clouds. This approach effectively eliminated the need for on-site hardware installations, physical billboards, or involvement from stadium staff.

Global Impact, Sustainable Solutions

SponixTech's innovation transcends technical brilliance. Employing software-based solutions, the company broadcasted tailor-made feeds for different continents without even ISO camera access.

Impressively, these solutions are eco-friendly, energy-efficient, and carbon-neutral – aligning seamlessly with Qatar's commitment to sustainable practices.

Amplifying Commercial Value

The strategic utilization of 3 cameras (main camera and offside cams), capturing critical moments and unique perspectives, is pivotal in football broadcasts. SPboard leverages this by offering sponsors unparalleled visibility and branding precisely during these game-defining instances. This strategy has significantly elevated sponsorship value for federations, introducing new revenue streams and enhancing the overall sponsorship proposition.

Global Impact, Seamless Execution

SponixTech's remarkable capabilities were unmistakably showcased during June's international matches, signifying a pivotal transformation in sports broadcasting. With seamlessly integrated three-camera virtual advertising spanning across continents during matches like Germany vs Colombia, Brazil vs Guinea, and Bolivia vs Chile, SponixTech not only displayed technological prowess but also a remarkable capacity for impeccable global execution.

Dominating South America 2026 World Cup Qualifiers

The culmination of SponixTech's earlier successes and the June breakthrough has earned the company the privilege of implementing virtual advertising in a staggering 54 matches during the South America 2026 World Cup Qualifiers. This means Sponix Tech will be producing separate feeds with separate billboards and advertisements for United Stated, Latam and international targeted markets. This strategic alliance with South American federations stands as a testament to SponixTech's superior and premium execution of SPboard technology.

From Qatar to the World

SponixTech has not only been an international leader in tech awards but has also showcased Qatar's brilliance on a global platform. Its journey as an innovative Qatari company is synonymous with revolutionary virtual advertising technology. As a transformative force in sports broadcasting, their success narrative is characterised by sustainable practices, pioneering technology, and an unwavering commitment to redefine the world's sports experience.


Source and cover image credit: Press Release