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Posted On: 11 September 2023 04:00 pm
Updated On: 11 September 2023 03:25 pm

Startup of the week: Muallemi - A personalized tutoring program aimed at making education accessible and fun!

Rikhia Basu
Rikhia Basu
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Excelling a new subject, especially math, can be challenging for some children. At some point in our lives, we have encountered situations that required our parents or teachers to intervene and help us solve that one tricky math problem. A good tutor can help build a strong math foundation, boost confidence, and instil problem-solving skills to benefit the child academically and in real-life situations. Unfortunately, tutoring can be expensive for some parents, making it inaccessible and unaffordable.

Muallemi, a startup that provides personalized tutoring, aims to make education accessible, fun, and enjoyable.

The (ILQ) team got in touch with the Co-Founder & CEO, Abdulrahman F. Al Thani, to learn about what they do, their journey, and their vision. Read on to find out more in our interview.

ILQ: What's the concept behind Muallemi?

Startup of the week: Muallemi
Image Credit: Muallemi

Abdulrahman: At the core of Muallemi is our unique approach to teaching. When students sign up with us, we use a comprehensive diagnostic assessment to identify learning gaps. Our platform analyzes students' strengths and weaknesses and crafts a personalized learning plan, tailored to their grade level and curriculum type. Our subject specialists, or mathemagicians as we like to call them, work 1-to-1 with students, employing an individualized approach, ensuring an engaging experience that is guaranteed to produce results.

At the end of the session, our mathemagicians fill out a detailed feedback form highlighting the learning outcomes achieved during the lesson and provide comments about student engagement and attitude towards learning.

ILQ: What inspired you to come up with this idea?

Abdulrahman: Muallemi was founded by two students who believe in equal education opportunities. We have a vision of making education more accessible, more affordable, and enjoyable - and we want to start with mathematics. We believe mastering math, especially at a young age, is key to accessing all sciences.

Unfortunately, tutoring is often too expensive for many parents, becoming a luxury, while it is a necessity. That's where Muallemi comes in. We offer high-quality, personalized tutoring at prices that give you the best value for money! We believe every child deserves equal access to a quality education, and we hope that our service helps bridge student learning gaps.

ILQ: How does Muallemi ensure a quality education?

Abdulrahman: Our quality assurance team continuously monitors and evaluates lesson performance and adherence to our high tutoring standards, guaranteeing a top-notch learning experience for our students.

We have very high standards for recruitment. We look for high-flying subject specialists with STEM-related degrees and multiple years of teaching experience.

ILQ: Which grades does Muallemi cater to?

Abdulrahman: We provide support classes from KG to grade 12. We have curriculum-specific lessons mapped to the IB, British, and American Core Curriculums.

ILQ: You must have faced challenges in launching your business. Can you highlight an interesting example and how you overcame that challenge?

Abdulrahman: Launching Muallemi came with its fair share of challenges. One memorable hurdle we faced early on was the scepticism around the effectiveness of our one-to-one online educational platform. In this region, traditional educational models have long prioritized classroom-based learning, and our innovative approach was resisted.

This scepticism was most palpable when we approached schools and institutions to introduce our platform. Many educators wondered if online one-to-one interaction could truly replicate, let alone surpass, the conventional classroom experience in terms of quality and effectiveness.

To promote our platform, we offered pilot programs. Schools and educators experienced our platform with real students, seeing tangible results in performance and engagement. Sceptics became supporters.

ILQ: What are the benefits of schools partnering with Muallemi?

Startup of the week: Muallemi
Image Credit: Muallemi


  • Customized Learning Support

Muallemi provides personalized one-on-one support sessions to Math, Science, English, and SAT prep students. Our subject specialists create tailored learning plans for each student, ensuring they receive the guidance needed to succeed academically.

  • Boosted Academic Performance

Muallemi's support programs improve academic performance. Schools can grant access to the platform to help students acquire essential skills and improve results.

  • Enriched Learning Experience

Muallemi's platform connects students with subject specialists in real time, fostering a dynamic learning environment that cultivates curiosity, innovation, and critical thinking. This approach makes learning more engaging and productive.

  • Smooth Integration with School Curriculum

Muallemi's support programs complement school curriculums, reinforcing concepts and offering additional guidance to help students master challenging subjects.

ILQ: How can schools partner with Muallemi?

Abdulrahman: At Muallemi, we are committed to working closely with schools to develop customized partnerships that cater to the distinct needs of their students and educational communities. To initiate the process, contact our team to discuss your school’s objectives and requirements. We will devise a tailored partnership plan that aligns with your school’s curriculum and promotes your students’ academic success.

There are 3 partnership opportunities for schools that we offer:

  • In-class intervention
  • After school program
  • At-home program

ILQ: Tell us more about the Muallemi point system.

Startup of the week: Muallemi
Image Credit: Muallemi

Abdulrahman: "The Effort Points” system is rooted in our commitment to fostering a growth mindset in every student. We believe that academic success isn't just about the end result or grade; more importantly, it's about the effort, resilience, and dedication that goes into learning. Our unique approach is to recognize and reward consistent effort, not just intelligence or raw talent.

Effort points are awarded to students based on participation, perseverance, and progress. These points can be redeemed for prizes at the end of the semester, celebrating the journey and destination.

ILQ: What are your views on startups like these impacting Qatar’s education system?

Abdulrahman: From our perspective, startups such as Muallemi play an indispensable role in the evolution of Qatar's education system. We are grateful to the Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP) for recognizing our potential and incubating us during our early stages. However, it's essential to acknowledge the broader ecosystem. The startup landscape in Qatar is undergoing a dynamic transformation, becoming more vibrant and diverse with each passing year.

To thrive, the ecosystem needs more institutions to support local startups. Innovative startups can bring transformative approaches, but breaking into the market is challenging. By allowing them to showcase their capabilities, we pave the way for sustainable innovation and a culture of excellence. The synergy between established institutions and startups is key to Qatar's brighter future.

ILQ: What’s next for Muallemi?

Startup of the week: Muallemi; A bridge to accessible high quality education
Image Credit: Muallemi

Abdulrahman: For Muallemi, the horizon is vast and promising. Our vision transcends the traditional confines of classroom learning; we aspire to address and bridge learning gaps nationwide and even across the region. Recognizing the power of collaboration, we're actively seeking partnerships with key government institutions.

These alliances are paramount in bolstering our mission, as they grant us the reach and resources to impact the masses. The data we've gathered is a testament to our platform's effectiveness and efficacy. But data is just one side of the coin; the stories of improvement, empowerment, and achievement fuel our drive. As we continue this trajectory, we foresee a future where Muallemi isn't just an education.

ILQ: Is there anything else you would like to add?

Abdulrahman: We have recently launched our new platform - click here! Students can sign up for a free diagnostic test to assess their strengths and weaknesses in Math, Science, English, and SAT prep. Once they complete the diagnostic test, our platform will suggest a personalized learning path they can pursue with us.

Currently, we are having a special offer on all our packages - get 10% off by entering the following promo code upon checkout: “BACK2SCHOOL”.

How can students, parents, and schools reach out to you?

Abdulrahman: They can visit our official website or call us to speak to our friendly customer service team with any queries. They can all email us or connect with us via call.

Contact details:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Contact: +974 6657 1336
  • Website:
  • Instagram:
  • Facebook: @muallemi


What do you think about Muallemi? Would you consider using their tutoring service for your child's academic support? Let us know in the comments section and share this article - it keeps us going!