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Posted On: 6 March 2017 05:44 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:57 pm

KidzMondo Doha hosts its Marketing Partners to discuss the future of its indoor theme park

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KidzMondo Doha, Qatar’s one-of-a-kind edutainment city, recently hosted its sponsors and marketing partners to jointly discuss the future of its indoor theme park and explore potential opportunities to further empower and holistically develop the country’s younger generations, in line with the Qatar National Vision 2030. The event was held in the presence of VIP guests, dignitaries and members of the media.

KidzMondo Doha team welcomed its guests with a commemorative photo shoot, after which the KidzMondo (KM) flag was hoisted to the tune of the KM National Anthem.

On this occasion, Mr. Ali Kazma, Owner & Founder of the KidzMondo brand and the Chairman of Kidz Holding, shared with guests the story behind the KidzMondo concept and the impact that the edutainment city is bound to have on the educational landscape in Qatar.

“Built as a replica of the real world, and powered by its very own currency, constitution, economy, and functioning infrastructure, KidzMondo provides children and youngsters with a unique opportunity to act out dream roles through an array of fun and educative activities in totally safe environment. This distinctive experience is further augmented with special curricula that have been exclusively designed, in collaboration with the Lebanese American University, in order to holistically educate children by developing their cognitive, emotional, psychomotor and social abilities”, Mr. Kazma said.

“We have been proudly endorsed by Qatar’s Ministry of Education and Higher Education for the complementary role KidzMondo Doha plays to that of the existing educational system, and as a qualitative addition to the country’s entertainment and tourism industries. Furthermore, we believe that what we are establishing in Qatar together with our partners, isn’t just a revolutionary edutainment concept, but more importantly, the foundation stone for what is destined to transform the educational landscape in Qatar and a supporting vehicle leading the country to the 21st century as well as the front ranks of advanced societies”, He added.

The Founder of KidzMondo expressed his gratitude to the edutainment city’s partners for playing an indispensable role in turning the innovative edutainment concept into a tangible reality for the present and future generations of Qatar, and reaffirmed KidzMondo Doha’s commitment to collaborating with its partners in order to set the benchmark for edutainment in the country and explore opportunities for mutual growth.

Thanking the edutainment city’s partners and sponsors for their support and dedication to the realization of KidzMondo’s revolutionary edutainment concept in Qatar, Mr. Nabil Barakat, KidzMondo Doha’s General Manager, said:

“When we started building our edutainment city in Doha, we knew that in order to provide children in Qatar with a relevant and appealing experience that encourages interest, learning and exploration, this ‘experience’ needs to be based on their real-world environment. That is why we chose your brands and institutions to represent the city’s establishments. Your brands are household names that people can instantly relate to and closely associate with, and your support in building our kid-sized city helped us create a homely environment for young minds to thrive in.”

He added: “We would like to express our utmost appreciation of your continuous support throughout the different stages of establishing and launching our city, and for playing a pivotal role in building a second home for Qatar’s upcoming generation of visionaries, artists and leader of change, who act as the seed of a knowledge-based society upon which the Qatar National Vision 2030 can be realized.”

Concluding the special event, the KidzMondo Doha team took its guests on a special tour of the kid-sized city and its unique indoor establishments, which have been built in collaboration with a purposeful selection of prominent institutions and leading brands from a plethora of fields and disciplines, including world-renowned air carrier Qatar Airways, QIIB, perfume company Abdul Samad Al Qurashi, grade-one licensed builder UrbaCon Trading & Contracting (UCC), and Qatar’s leading telecommunications provider Ooredoo.

Some of the key establishments at the indoor theme park include a Bank, Aircraft, Fire Station, Gas Station, Police Station, Hospital, Driving Institute, Race Track, University, Car Wash, Barbershop, TV, Radio, and an Oil & Gas Refinery, among others.

Located in the country’s largest and most unique ‘Mall of Qatar’, KidzMondo Doha spans across a built up area of about approximately 8000 m2, with more than 80 establishments that host well over 80 role-playing activities for children. Since it opened its doors to families in Qatar, the indoor amusement park has welcomed thousands of visitors and managed to create a loyal following of young fans.