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Posted On: 14 November 2018 03:06 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:02 pm

Digital IncubatIon Center's IdeaCamp a stepping stone for Doha-based 'wantrepreneurs'

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IdeaCamp, a new initiative from the Digital Incubation Center (DIC) for entrepreneurs, developers and designers who have a great idea for a technology solution, is off to its second phase of programming as they close the online applications today (November 14) after 2 and a half months of looking for innovative tech ideas and move on to the IdeaCamp itself starting Saturday (November 17).

The DIC has always been in the lookout for entrepreneurs capable of harnessing emerging technologies to create innovative products, solutions, or services that will contribute to Qatar’s digital economy and they're particular among young people at the critical early stages of starting or growing a technology-related business—thus the birth of IdeaCamp.

IdeaCamp 2018
(Source: Ruby Garage)

The tech startup camp will run for 5 weeks until the 15th of December and during the intensive series of seminars and trainings that the successful applicants are set to go through, they’ll have the chance to learn the basics of the business model canvas, build a prototype, and learn to pitch their business ideas.

And just recently, the DIC took part in the Qatar Entrepreneurship Conference, which happened wrapped up yesterday (November 13) at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center. They have a kiosk for all 'wantrepreneurs' (aspiring entrepreneurs) who’d like to know more about the IdeaCamp.

The programme accepts applications for any tech-related idea, however they are particularly interested in hearing from entrepreneurs who have ideas in the following technology areas:

The Internet of things (IOT)

IdeaCamp 2018
(Source: Flexware Innovation)

The Internet of Things is the concept of connecting any device, physical object, or even living being to the internet. One popular use for IoT is within transport networks and smart cities but in reality the applications for this technology are virtually endless.

3D Printing

IdeaCamp 2018

3D printing will change manufacturing as we know it and has multiple applications across industry. For prototyping or rapid manufacturing of consumer products, companies within industries such as aviation, automotive, sports, space, food, healthcare are already benefiting from this technology.


IdeaCamp 2018
(Source: iVedix)

Blockchain is a secure method for exchanging assets over the internet and has multiple applications. These include smart contracts and property assets management, to patient health records and proof of ownership for digital content.

The IdeaCamp provides all the support needed to transform your idea to reality. Join their technology pool and share your idea in chance of operating your own business. Training, mentoring, office space, technical support, exposure, and public relations from being part pf the DIC are put into your hands!

Besides this, the DIC also has 2 other programmes for entrepreneurs namely:

Startup Track

The first year of the DIC Startup Track is structured around a set of milestones taking a startup from prototype to registered business in Qatar. The second on the other hand is focused on growing the business. Startups with a business already launched can join the Growth Stage program.

Coworking Space

Co-working is changing how we work. At it’s core, co-working occurs when entrepreneurs, and businesses large and small collide in a shared working environment and create synergies. Hot seats, free internet and other facilities.

IdeaCamp 2018

Successful startups with abilities to grow and scale up will be hosted as tenants in Qatar’s Digital Cluster in Manateq Economic Zone.

Some of DIC's graduated startups include discount apps Urban Point and Best2Offer, stock photography library ByLens, and Qatari-owned tech reviewer Raqami TV.

The DIC is under the patronage of the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC).

To know how to get your startup company more known in a wider audience in Qatar, click HERE.

To know more about the Digital Incubation Center, check out their social media links below!

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