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Posted On: 22 September 2015 05:31 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:54 pm

Be Curios Says GE’s Marketing Director

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Georgios Kolovos, Marketing Director at GE in the United Kingdom is one of the keynote speakers at the Marketing Kingdom Middle East 2, Qatar’s only global marketing event, taking place from 18-19 October at the W Hotel in Doha.

He is a recognised marketing strategist with strong B2B expertise in the financial services market. Currently he leads the European marketing team of GE Capital, the financial arm of General Electric, responsible for 17 countries across Europe. Previously at GE, Georgios held a number of Strategic Marketing and Customer Experience roles in Europe, including Customer Centricity Leaders at the banking join venture with Garanti Bank in Turkey and a strategic role with the European Distribution Finance business in which he was instrumental in introducing new online services and technologies to help the business to navigate through the recession and win new vendor relationships.

We recently sat down with Georgios and asked him to give us 5 marketing tips for Qatari marketers.

Be curios - marketing is one of the few function that has the licence to look beyond the borders of the organisation to explore and find new avenues for growth and income sources. But often marketers are cough by the status quo, which brings danger both for their careers and the long term success of their organisations.

Simplify the complexity – we leave in a complex world, the fast changing and often unstable Global macro-economic and political environment combined with the disruption the new technology brings, increasing the speed with which companies need to react. And this is why marketers play critical role to establish, and adapt when needed, the visions for their company, ensure that it is clear and understood.

Look for the actionable and spectacular – today, especially with the social media boom marketers have more alternatives that ever before to reach customers and prospects. Often it is difficult to compare options and to prioritise I always look for two things: what actions it will drive, what incremental results it will generate and will it surprise, delight my customers

Help others succeed – even in the transactional businesses, building relationships with the customers is the key for the long term success of the particular organisation. We all leave in a noisy place, treating customers with respect and helping them to be successful is what marketing should champion

It’s all about the numbers – last but probably most importantly, measure everything you do, technology today allows marketers to track customers’ interaction through the entire customers journey and being able to prove the success or failure of a particular campaign

To see Georgios and 15 other marketing gurus from Twitter, Yahoo!, The Body Shop, Microsoft and A+E Networks, get your ticket today for the Marketing Kingdom Middle East 2 by visiting the event’s official website: