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Posted On: 25 December 2018 01:08 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 10:18 am

Employment visa procedures coming to Qatar for work

Khadiza Begum
Khadiza Begum
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Work Visa

The Ministry of Interior has provided a new service for employers to complete visa procedures through Qatar Visa Centers “QVC” to be built in 8 selected countries as a first phase. The first QVC will operate in Colombo, Sri Lanka. This new step facilitates the visa procedures of expatriates, while they are still in their home country, through Qatar service centers, which will be operating in the expatriate’s country.

QVC operates through an integrated electronic system to complete the procedures of medical checkups, enrolment of fingerprint and biometrics. Furthermore, the expatriate will be able to review and sign their employment contracts while they are still in their home country.

The project targets employment through 20 service centres in eight countries: Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Nepal, Tunisia, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and the Philippines.


According to this new visa system, the employer has to submit a visa application through the website of Qatar Ministry of Interior ( or through Metrash App. After identifying and registering the person coming to Qatar for work on the Ministry of Interior's website, which will verify the eligibility of the expatriate to enter Qatar according to the type of job and nationality. Later, the Ministry of Interior shall issue an initial approval and generate a reference number for expatriate.

Then, the expatriate or employer can book an appointment for checkups and contract signature by the expatriate coming to Qatar through QVC website:, using the same reference number.

Once the expatriate passes all the required examinations “fingerprints, biometrics, medical checkups and signing of the employment contract” under the supervision of the Ministry of Interior and relevant authorities, a work visa will be issued and the expatriate can start work immediately on arriving in Qatar.

Steps to be taken by the expatriate:

• After the employer receives the initial approval of recruitment, the expatriate or his employer can book an appointment for medical checkup and other procedures using the MOI generated reference number through the website of Qatar Visa Center “”.

• Once the expatriate arrives to the QVC center, they will validate their reference number and passport, and the expatriate must submit all required documents to support visa application. Then, a copy of work contract will be provided to the expatriate for review and e-signature, before proceeding to the biometric and medical checkups. The expatriate will be handed over a copy of the contract after the completion of all producers.

• After the signature of the contract, fingerprints and biometric enrollment. the expatriate will be sent to attached medical center to complete the medical checkups. After the completion of this step, the expatriate will leave medical center and wait for a notification from the employer regarding the results.

Features of the Service for Employers:
• To facilitate the recruitment procedures by saving time and effort, and providing all recruitment services and procedures through one single channel.
• Completion of medical checkup procedures of the expatriate before their arrival to Qatar.
• To protect the rights of employers through the documentation of employment contracts signed by both parties, and ensuring both parties compliance with the terms and conditions of the contract.
• Adopting a highly transparent and responsible visa system that will ensure accuracy in completion of recruitment procedures.
• To benefit from features and effectiveness of medical checkup and electronic biometric fingerprint system to provide integrated e-services characterized by speed, ease and convenience.


• The basic purpose of this initiative is to ease the procedures of expatriate recruitment while they are still in their home country. Moreover, this new step would ensure protecting the rights of expatriates, and ensuring their safety and security, while facilitating all necessary procedures for his entry into Qatar. Such move would also help verifying and documenting the process of expatriate recruitment, and speeding up their work commencement under simplified, smooth and effective procedures.

• The establishment of the Qatar Visa Centers by Qatar will enable the expatriate to easily and effectively complete all procedures of recruitment such as medical checkups, fingerprints and biometric data, signing of work contract and documents attestation, beside other services to be introduced in the coming phases. If the expatriate is prove to be qualified and fit to work in Qatar, a work visa will be issued and the expatriate can start work immediately on his arrival in Qatar.

Advantages of the Service for Expatriates:

• To ensure transparency in the presence of verified job contract.
• Achieving expatriate's welfare and protecting their rights.
• Documenting the job contract in home country and under the supervision of Qatar concerned authorities, before arrival to the State of Qatar.
• To ensure the fitness/eligibility of expatriate for work before his arrival to State of Qatar.
• The expatriate can work immediately upon arrival in Qatar.
• Completion of procedures for getting Residence Permit upon arrival.