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Posted On: 30 January 2023 03:30 pm
Updated On: 17 August 2023 02:57 pm

[UPDATED] How to apply and get Visitors’ Health Insurance for travellers to Qatar

Vrinda Abilash
Vrinda Abilash
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How to apply get travellers visitor health travel insurance doha

[UPDATE] 17 August 2023, 2:45 pm

In an update from the Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) on 10 August 2023, announced the categories exempted from mandatory health insurance.

The Cabinet Decision No 9 of 2023 exempted the following categories from mandatory health insurance:

  • Non-Qatari women married to Qatari nationals
  • Four domestic workers per Qatari citizen household
  • Diplomats and their spouses and children under the age of sixteen
  • Children of Qatari women married to non-Qatari nationals
  • Detainees and prisoners
  • All transit passengers
  • Non-Qatari widows or divorced women of Qatari nationals, unless married to a non-Qatari national
  • Holders of temporary residence permits
  • Orphans in care homes
  • Children with unknown fathers
  • Diplomats and their spouses and children under the age of sixteen
  • All transit passengers
  • Temporary entry travelers
  • Visitors with on-arrival visas for a period of (30) days of their entry into the country


On 28 January 2023, the Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) announced that the implementation of the first phase of the mandatory Health Insurance Scheme in Qatar would begin on 1 February 2023, with all visitors to Qatar required to have a health insurance policy.

As per the official announcement, this is to offer health insurance that covers visitors during their stay here & to provide visitors with excellent healthcare services.

The Ministry pointed out that visitors can choose one of the registered insurance companies through the links available on the MOPH website.

Is health insurance mandatory in Qatar for visitors?

When visitors apply for an entry visa to Qatar, they must have a health insurance policy, as it is one of the requirements for obtaining a visitor's visa. The same process applies when extending the visitor visa.

The Ministry indicated that for visitors who hold international health insurance, the insurance policy must include Qatar, be valid during their stay in the country, and be issued by one of the insurance companies approved in Qatar.

The (ILQ) team has put together a guide about Qatar's mandatory Health Insurance Scheme. Read on to find out more.

mandatory health insurance scheme qatar
Image credit: MOPH Qatar

What does the insurance cover?

The necessary regulations ensure that visitors are protected against accidents and medical emergency-related conditions during their stay in Qatar.

How to get Visitors' Health Insurance?​

  • Visitors applying for a visit visa through the website of the Ministry of Interior or via the Metrash App will be directed to the website of the Ministry of Public Health (MOPH), where they can select one of the insurance companies registered with the Ministry or ones that are accepted to purchase the visitors' policy after completion of all other relevant visa requirements.
    • MOPH registered insurance companies:
      • QLM Life & Medical Insurance Company
      • AlKhaleej Takaful Insurance Company
      • Islamic Insurance
      • Doha Insurance Group
      • General Takaful Company
      • Doha Takaful
      • Beema
      • Qatar Insurance Company QIC
      • Qatar General Insurance & Reinsurance Company Q.P.S.C.
    • Insurance companies whose mandatory visitors’ health insurance policies are accepted, in addition to the above:​
      • Seib Insurance & Reinsurance
      • Gulf Insurance Group Qatar
  • Once the selected insurance company issues the insurance policy, the Ministry of Interior (MOI) will issue the appropriate visit visa.
  • The effective date of coverage is the visitor's entry date at any border (airport, land and seaports).
  • If visitors wish to extend their stay in Qatar, they must purchase a new health insurance policy.

Do we need health insurance for visa on arrival in Qatar?

Prior purchasing of visitor insurance policy from here is suggested for speedy completion of procedures upon arrival at the various border crossings (airport, land and seaports).

Hayya Cardholders and their Companions: Hayya cardholders and their companions are required to obtain visitors’ insurance policies that cover the remaining period of the Hayya card entry permit, which is on 24 Jan 2024. For example, if a Hayya Cardholder is planning to enter the State of Qatar on 1 March 2023, he/she should obtain an insurance policy for 11 months, and if he/she is planning to enter the country on 1 April 2023, he/she should obtain an insurance policy for 10 months, and so forth.​

Visitors from Abu Samra: Those travelling from Abu Samra are required to also get a vehicle insurance apart from the Health Insurance mandated. The vehicle insurance can be obtained online.

What is the cost of Health Insurance Premium?

  • The premium for the Mandatory Visitors' Health Insurance policy is QR 50 per month.
  • This is the single insurance policy premium for a period of 30 days (minimum duration), and the premium for other visas varies according to the duration and type of visas.
  • The visitor can purchase additional coverage (top-ups) for extra premiums. This is to be determined by the insurance companies.

What does the policy cover?

  1. ​Emergency medical treatment: Up to QR 150,000 for the policy period and within Qatar.
  2. Emergency medical assistance with a sub-limit of QR 35,000 includes:
    1. Emergency ambulance transportation within Qatar and where necessary.
    2. Medical evacuation to the individual's country of residence.
  3. COVID-19 and Quarantine:
    1. Sub-limit up ​to QR 50,000.
    2. COVID-19 treatment for positive cases.
    3. Quarantine expenses (for confirmed cases) are up to QR 300 daily.
  4. No waiting period is required.
  5. Repatriation: In the event of the visitor's death within Qatar, the cost of repatriation is covered up to QR 10,000.
  6. No copayment or deductibles are required for any covered services per the terms and conditions stipulated in the visitor's health insurance policy.


  1. If I have a multiple-entry visa, will Visitor Insurance Policy remain valid?
    1. Yes. An insurance policy for multiple-entry visas remains valid from entry until the policy expires.
  2. If I have a single-entry visa, will the visitor insurance policy remain valid in case leaving Qatar?
    1. No. The basic visitor insurance policy in case of a single-entry visa expires upon leaving the State of Qatar through any air, sea or land ports.
  3. What criteria and requirements does the Ministry of Public Health set to accept the international health insurance policy?
    1. The international health insurance policy should include the following conditions and requirements set by the Ministry of Public Health to be accepted for entry visa issuance:
      1. To be issued by one of the insurance companies included in the approved list by the Ministry of Public Health.
      2. Its geographical coverage must include Qatar.
      3. To be valid and cover the period of stay in the country.
      4. To cover emergency services and accidents with an annual limit of QR 150,000 or more, without deductibles or excesses.
      5. To include QR Code.
      6. The policy can be uploaded to the website of the Ministry of Interior or a paper copy to be submitted to the competent officer at the border crossing.
  4. Which countries does the policy cover?
    1. The policy only covers Qatar.
  5. What should I do in case of an emergency?
    1. You can visit the service provider listed in the insurance company's network. The beneficiary can contact the registered insurance company to direct him to the nearest treatment facility that can provide the required treatment.
  6. Does the visitor have to pay the cost of the emergency service received from an out-of-network provider?
    1. Healthcare providers are obligated by law to provide emergency services without approaching the beneficiary for settlement, whether the service provider is included or not in the network list.

Here are some more FAQs regarding the Mandatory Visitors' Health Insurance policy.

What are the contact details?

  • MOPH Helpline:
    • 16000 – Extension No. (1) Dedicated to health insurance
    • International Number: 0097444069963​
  • Complaints: [email protected]
  • Health Financing and Insurance Department Home Page: Click here​


Source: MOPH

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