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Posted On: 13 July 2021 05:00 pm
Updated On: 20 June 2022 12:39 pm

A quick guide to visiting the Al Thuraya Planetarium (plus photos!)

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A quick guide to visiting the Al Thuraya Planetarium (plus photos!)

If you don't know by now, there's a planetarium here in Qatar and the best thing is, it's FREE to enter! If you love science, learning new things, astronomy, or just looking to explore, Al Thuraya Planetarium in Katara Cultural Village is worth a quick visit. Check out below what you can find inside!

entrance to Al Thuraya Planetarium katara qatar
The entrance to Al Thuraya Planetarium.

The Al Thuraya Planetarium was opened in December 2018 just in time for Qatar National Day. The 2,240 sqm facility which caters to both young and adults alike, is named after the Pleiades star cluster. This star cluster is also known as the Seven Sisters or M45 and is visible from anywhere on the globe. The Pleiades is one of the important star clusters followed by Arabs since ancient times.

Planetarium gallery

split moon al thuraya planetarium katara qatar
The miracle of the split moon.

The split moon is perhaps the most popular feature of the gallery and museum, which you'll see once you enter the planetarium. This is in reference to the miracle of the splitting of the moon attributed to Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

You'll find and be amazed by models of planets in various sizes - both on the ceiling and the floor, learn about the history of NASA spacesuits and see them up close, and even find out about your weight on different planets.

Visitors can also learn about astronomy, geology, atmosphere, weather, and more. The planetarium also has a terrace overlooking the sea which hosts events and activities, especially during astronomical events such as eclipses.

The gallery and museum aren't that big so you'll finish looking around in less than an hour.

Check out these photos:

nasa spacesuit al thuraya planetarium katara qatar
Check out NASA spacesuits!
astronomical tours al thuraya planetarium katara qatar
Learn about ancient astronomical tools.
al thuraya planetarium katara qatar
Step on this scale and find out your weight on different planets!
models of planets inside al thuraya planetarium katara qatar
Take a photo with the different planet models throughout the planetarium!

Planetarium shows

planetarium movie screening
Image for representation only. Credit: Shutterstock

Aside from the main exhibit area, visitors can watch shows for free at the planetarium's dome. Featuring a 22-meter screen and state-of-the-art digital projectors, the full-dome digital system gives an interesting viewing experience to the visitors. The shows are available in English and Arabic.

The dome has a 200-people capacity but is currently reduced due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Some of the shows that people of all ages can watch include The Stars, The Zula Patrol Show, and Perfect Little Planet. Those who want to watch the shows are urged to arrive 30 minutes before the show.

Don't forget to check the movie screening schedule on Katara's social media accounts or at


  • Location: Katara Cultural Village،, Building 41, Doha
  • Entrance fee: FREE

Have you been to Al Thuraya Planetarium? How was your experience? Let us know in the comments!