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Al Khor Museum

Photo credit: R-Space by Retaj Hotels

Location: Al Khor Museum
Working hours: 7am - 12pm | 4pm - 9pm
Phone: 4472-1866

It’s quite a small museum but it’s located in one of the most unique locations in Qatar. If you’re visiting here, make sure to go to the Fort here too. The museum aims to portray the history of the region and its people. The ground floor shows off the fishing and pearling industries. My grandfather used to be a pearl diver actually. In other areas you’ll find examples of traditional perfumes, samples of crafts (which is a specialty of the craftsmen of Al Khor), and traditional clothing. The second floor has a nice display of what the archaeological digs have found. These date back as far as the Neolithic and bronze ages.

Al Wakrah Museum

Photo credit: Explore Qatar

Location: Al Rakiya
Phone: 4488-9888

This museum is being expanded however it’s quite small at the moment. The premises is on the grounds of a restored traditional house. You’ll find that it contains a similar theme as the Al Khor Museum, However you still shouldn’t miss it. It’s a symbol of Al Wakrah’s sea history. Close by, you’ll find one of the oldest Mosques in Qatar. You might as well because the Al Wakrah Master Plan is going to transform this city into a state-of-the-art area.

Museum of Islamic Art

Photo credit: Qatar Museums

Location: Corniche
Working hours: 8am - 1pm | 4pm - 7pm

The new Museum of Islamic Art, Doha is a truly inspirational project. Not only is it the largest Islamic Art Museum in the world, the exceptional quality of the building design and location and the positioning of the new Museum as a catalyst for the development of Doha as a cultural and educational centre of excellence demonstrate the vision and commitment of the State of Qatar to the international cultural/museums sector. The Museum will in time join forces with four other national museums which will be built in the Doha Harbour area. The Museum is one of the most important and monumental building projects of its type in the world today. In architectural terms, it is one of the most distinguished modern buildings in the entire Middle East.

Qatar National Museum

Photo credit: Qatar Museums

Location: Corniche
Working hours: 8am - 1pm | 4pm - 7pm
Phone: 4444-2191

This museum is actually going to be renovated soon, the plan is to turn this into a heritage museum and move the national museum to a completely new location. You'll find a lot of historical artifacts such as old coins, jewelry, traditional clothes, and other tools. Some area’s are recreated to depict Bedouin scenes and others portray the development of the oil and gas industry. Besides that, there’s also an aquarium found inside which contains marine creatures native to Qatar’s blue seas. One thing to note is the little ‘lagoon’ in front of the museum. That’s where the shore used to be!

Sheikh Faisal Al Thani Museum

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Location: New Shahaniya Roundabout
Phone: 4486-9966

This museum is quite nice in design and has a nice layout. The place makes you feel like you’re in an old village. You’ll find Shaikh Faisal’s private collection here but you can book a viewing by calling the number listed or going to the website. As described, it has thousands of exhibits. Some are quite rare and amazing to look at. It has a large collection of Islamic art, a manuscript, metals, textile and embroidery, pottery, woodworks, weaponry, and jewelry section. All can be found in a total of 6 large halls. This is definitely a place I recommend visiting. This museum has recently launched a brand new section related to vintage cars. It's actually drawing quite a crowd from around the world and is related to vintage cars.