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Posted On: 9 December 2019 12:00 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 10:18 am

Top 5 local delivery service in Qatar [pick up and drop off]

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Imagine if we still relied on pigeons and messengers on horses for sending letters and parcels. That would have taken a long time, right? Thankfully, sending items has become easier nowadays thanks to technology. So if you're looking to send a parcel or package within Qatar, or need something delivered straight to your home, here are the top five local companies which can provide pick up and can deliver anywhere in Qatar!

Pick up and Drop off delivery services in Qatar

1. Pick & Drop

Started in 2016, Pick & Drop specializes in door to door delivery services of documents, parcels, clothes, flowers, gifts, electronic items, food, and other goods. They can do immediate, overnight or scheduled deliveries.

Customers can book directly through their website using the online order form.


Rates: (within Doha) QAR 40 - motorcycle; QAR 50 - car; QAR 120 - van

Rates: (outside Doha) QAR 60 - car; QAR 150 - van


Contact: 4444 6020/5006 6020

2. Ebutler

This all-in-one app provides Pick up and Drop off service under the Personal Services category.

It's as easy as choosing a service, selecting your location, picking a date and time, and then choosing the service provider. After that, you can sit back and relax because Ebutler promises that all services will be fulfilled and that customers are satisfied.

Aside from this service, EButler provides 300+ other services which include home services, pet services, event planning, and health-related services to name a few.


Rates start at QAR 35 if it's in the same vicinity

Download the app here: iOS | Android

Contact: 50907706

3. Careem Delivery

Another option for small deliveries is to use a ride-sharing app like Careem. The Careem app has a "Delivery" option that users can access when they click on the car type. The process is the same as booking a ride wherein you select your pick-up and drop-off location and then get a fare estimate. You can also track the Captain throughout the ride.


Rates start at QAR 18 and will depend on the location

Download Careem here: iOS | Android

4. Snoonu

Like EButler, Snoonu aims to be your personal online concierge. The app not only does pick up and delivery service but they also have food delivery services, laundry service, delivery and shopping for home-based businesses.

Ordering their service is one click away.


Rates start at QAR 25 for distances between the pick-up and the delivery, not more than 14 km

QAR 35 - distance between 14 kilometers to 30 kilometers

QAR 50 - distance more than 30 km until 50 km

Download app here: iOS | Android


Contact: 3111 2215

5. 2GO Delivery and Services

A new delivery service in Qatar who also serves restaurants, retailers, and online businesses aside from individuals. You can easily get a quote by checking their rate calculator on their website.


Rates: Delivery charge starts at QAR 24 inside Doha and starts at QAR 30 for outside Doha.


Contact: +974 3393 2292/ +974 5008 3839

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