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Posted On: 16 June 2021 04:00 pm
Updated On: 30 June 2022 07:15 pm

Places to learn swimming in Qatar

Fareeha Imtiaz
Fareeha Imtiaz
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Everyone knows swimming is a valuable life skill and a good hobby, whether kids or adults.

Many opt for summer as the ideal time to brush up on those skills or pick them up from scratch. The (ILQ) team has a list of places (in alphabetical order) offering swimming classes.

Note: Prices are subjective to age group and type of class chosen.

Aqua-Tots Swim School Qatar

aqua-tots qatar swim school
Image credit: Aqua-Tots Qatar

Aqua-Tots Qatar is a swimming school for kids ages four months to 9 years old, including children with special needs. They have an indoor temperature-controlled pool and conduct year-round swimming lessons, which last 30 minutes per session. Year-round swimming classes are available at Aqua-Tots, and enrollment is always open.

  • Price: QR 600 - monthly for a once-per-week session | QR 1,120 - month for a twice-a-week session
  • Location: Madinat Khalifa North
  • Contact number: +974 7790 6677
  • Instagram: @aqua_tots_qatar

Dynamic Sports

dynamic sports qatar swimming training qatar
Image credit: Dynamic Sports

Dynamic Sports promises that you'll learn how to swim in just 14 days. Catering to kids and adults, Dynamic Sports offers an advanced and competitive swimming training program aside from the beginners' course. Pool rent and swimming membership are also available.

  • Price: QR 400 - 8 days session | QR 550 - 12 days session | QR 850 - 14 days session
  • Location: Abu Hamour
  • Contact number: +974 6642 8190; +974 7744 3727
  • Instagram: @dynamic_sports_doha

Elite Swim Academy

elite swim academy qatar aspire active
Image credit: Elite Swim Academy

Elite Swim Academy, located inside M Active in Barwa, offers swim programs for babies (starting from 6 months old), kids, teenagers, and adults. They also offer a swimming program exclusive for women. The Ladies program has morning and evening sessions, each lasting 45 minutes. Kids Intensive program is also 45 minutes each session.

  • Fees: Starts at QR 400 (Kids)
  • Location: M Active Family, Barwa City, Doha
  • Contact number: +974 5585 5284
  • Instagram: @eliteswimacademy

Evolve Wellness Qatar

Places to learn swimming in Qatar
Image Credit: Evolve Wellness Qatar

Evolve Wellness Qatar offers tailor-made classes to suit your kids' skill level and personal family preferences. The Starfish sessions cater to children at a beginner level; however, they could be levelled up to the Learn to Swim classes depending on performance.


  • Price: QR 1,000 (24 Sessions - 30 mins) 3-5 years old | QR 1,200 (24 Sessions - 30 mins) 5 years and above
  • Location: Aleph Doha Residences, Curio Collection by Hilton, West Bay
  • Contact number: +974 5040 3234
  • Instagram: @evolvemindbodysoul

Happy Faces Swimming

Places to learn swimming in Qatar
Image Credit: Happy Faces Swimming Academy

At Happy Faces, they look to teach children swimming while ensuring they are having fun. They offer sessions of various durations to meet your preferences.


  • Price: 8 classes (Monthly) - QR 450 (3 years & above), QR 500 (Adults) | 10 classes QR 500 (Kids) | 12 classes - QR 650 (Kids), QR 700 (Adults) | 16 Classes - two months - QR 800 (Kids), QR 900 (Adults) | 24 classes - 3 months - QR 1,200 (Kids), QR 1,300 (Adults)
  • Location: The Cambridge School Qatar, Al Hilal
  • Contact number: +974 4466 6178 | +974 7763 4759
  • Facebook: @HFSwimming

H2O Swim Club Doha

Places to learn swimming in Qatar
Image Credit: H2O Swim Club

Dedicated to helping potential swimmers flourish, this club offers multiple programs to suit learners' requirements at all ages. They offer classes for parents to accompany their tots or classes for older children's age groups and adults. Parent n Tots, Learn to Swim, or even Fitness Swimming Sessions are some of their offerings. Their classes are available at Qatar Foundation, Hamilton International School and International School of London.


  • Price: Parent n Tots Classes starting at QR 160 | Adults mixed classes starting at QR 450 | Ladies only classes starting at QR 460
  • Location: Subjective to class chosen
  • Contact number: +974 5564 1475
  • Instagram: @h2oswimclub

Legends Swimming Class for Kids and Adults

Places to learn swimming in Qatar
Image Credit: Legends Swimming Class

Looking to accompany your child and learn swimming together or even adult alone classes, be sure to check out Legends Swimming Class. Notably, their courses are only offered on Fridays and Saturdays for one hour for each session.


  • Price: 8 Sessions - QR 400 (Kids), QR 450 (Adults) | 10 sessions - QR 450 (Kids), QR 500 (Adults)
  • Location: Gate No.4, Zakher Complex Look Legends building, Abu Hamour (behind Dar Al Salam mall)
  • Contact number: +974 3303 2090
  • Facebook: @lswimclass

Oryx Sport Academy

Places to learn swimming in Qatar
Image Credit: Oryx Sport Academy

Ladies, here's another one for you! Oryx Sport Academy offers ladies-only swimming classes and kids' and men's sessions. Opt for timings of your choice to fit their schedule of 8 lessons per month, 2 per week.


  • Price: QR 450 (11-4 Years) | QR 500 (12-17 Years) | QR 600 (Adults)
  • Location: Fereej Al Soudan, Al Sadd
  • Contact number: +974 7797 5255
  • Instagram: @oryxsportacademy

Plus Fitness Qatar

Places to learn swimming in Qatar
Image Credit: Plus Fitness Qatar

One of Qatar's most renowned fitness and aquatic centres offers swimming classes across their five indoor heated swimming pools and certified lifeguards' safety. They bring the fun with inflatable games too. The classes cater to kids and adults of all ages.


  • Price: 8 Sessions - QR 640 (Kids), QR 818 (Ladies), QR 700 (Men) | 12 sessions - QR 1000 (Adults)
  • Location: Hamad Aquatic Centre, Aspire Zone, Al Waab
  • Contact number: +974 6611 1447 | +974 6611 1557
  • Instagram: @plusfitnessqatar

Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Sports Academy

SFQ Sports Academy swimming Qatar
Image credit: SFQ Sports Academy

At the Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Sports Academy's swimming program, children ages three years old can learn about the foundation of swimming and fundamental movement skills. The academy aims to provide a safe, fun, and supportive environment for its students and develop its swimmers mentally and physically.

  • Price: Starts at QR 520 (2 times a week - 8 sessions)
  • Location: The Gulf English School, Al Gharrafa St, Ar-Rayyan; Castle Garden, Al Sadd; Al Jazi Gardens, Westbay
  • Contact number: +974 6622 2962
  • Instagram: @sfqsports

Sparta Sports Academy

Sparta Sports Academy swimming qatar
Image credit: Sparta Sports Academy

Sparta Sports Academy conducts swimming lessons for ages three and up in their indoor semi-Olympic swimming pool. You can opt for a varied schedule (kids and adults) or kids only.

  • Prices: QR 500 per month
  • Location: AlJazeera Academy School, Abu Hamour
  • Contact number: +974 6603 7475
  • Instagram: @thespartasports

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