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Posted On: 8 January 2019 03:00 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 10:18 am

Finger printing procedure in Qatar

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Fingerprinting In Qatar

The Criminal Evidences and Information Department (CEID), processes finger prints for all of those in Qatar who are on personal, employer or government sponsorship

The CEID comes under the framework of the Ministry of Interior (MOI), whose aim is to deliver all of its services to the people who live in Qatar by providing easy access to its services and simplified procedures that take less time to complete.

Why do we need to get finger printed?

Finger printing is a vital technique used in most of the countries in the world to identify and verify the identity of an individual. Finger prints have been considered to be practically and scientifically proven to be authentic and the evidence that is derivated from it has been deemed decisive proof, especially since it is impossible for two individuals to have the same finger prints.

Finger printing in Qatar is a pre-requisite for the Qatar residence permit. Finger printing are also a requirement for family members who wish to extend their family visits.

Finger printing facilities

To ensure the finger printing procedure is smooth and swift, th e finger printing department at the CEID and the service centres around Qatar have dedicated spaces which are equipped with stat e-of-the-art facilities. These facilities are connected to the department database, which includes over 5 million finger prints, along with a direct link to the General Directorate of Border Passports and Expatriates Affairs, so all the services are easy and more organised for the public.

There are a large number electronic ink-free decimal finger printing devices to provide ease of access to the public. Qualified staff are also available, and many of them can speak more than one language making it easier to facilitate those who don’t speak Arabic or English.

Documents required for fingerprinting

The following is a list of all the documents required for getting your finger prints done in Qatar:

  1. Finger print registration form
  2. Sponsor details
  3. Request letter from the sponsor (optional, but sometimes a requirement)
  4. Sponsor’s passport copy
  5. Your passport (original and copy)
  6. Qatar resident permit (original and copy)(if finger prints are needed for police clearance certificate or matters other than obtaining a new Qatar residence permit)
  7. Blood group report
  8. 2 x passport-size pictures
  9. QR 10 for stamps

Finger printing procedure

Today, about 2,000 - 2,000 finger prints are taken on an almost daily basis, which are then transferred to the Passports Department before they are stored on the database as a proof of identity.

The finger printing procedure is simple and fast. It usually takes just between 5 – 10 minutes.

Big organisations

All big organisations’ public relations officers (PROs) must call the CEID and make a prior appointment for finger printing of their employees. This is done so the employees don’t have to spend too much time at the department or service centre and will help avoid crowding at these facilities. For this purpose, three specific days (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) have been appointed.

For smaller companies

Companies that don’t have a lot of employees can send these employees with the PRO without making a prior appointment. For this purpose, two specific days (Sunday and Monday) have been appointed.

Finger printing for Qatar residence permit

For males (and females) sponsored by the employer

In most cases the public relations officer (PRO) of the employer will go with you to the fingerprinting service centre with the filled out finger printing form and attach all the required documents along with a passport size photograph.

  1. Take a token and wait for your turn.
  2. When your token number is announced, the finger printing staff member will ask you to place your fingers one-by-one on the automated finger printing scanner, so your finger prints can be recorded.
  3. Now, you wait for the CEID to upload your finger prints on the immigration system. This may take 3-5 days.
  4. The PRO will get a notification, and you can go back to the service centre to receive your finger printing document to proceed to the next step in getting a Qatar residence permit.

For ladies and children

  1. Go to the male section, get the finger print registration form, fill it up and add a passport size photograph.
  2. Attach the documents mentioned in the ‘Documents required for finger printing’.
  3. Now go to female section, take a token and wait for your turn.
  4. When your token number is announced, present the completed registration form to the staff member who will take your finger prints. The staff member will ask you to place your fingers one-by-one on the automated finger printing scanner, so your finger prints can be recorded.
  5. Now, you wait for the CEID to upload your fingerprints on the immigration system. This may take 3-5 days. You will get a notification through sms, and you can go back to the service centre to receive your finger printing document.

Finger printing for other purposes

If you need finger prints for other purposes like police clearance certificates, etc. then the procedure is the same as above. The only difference is that you won’t need the PRO to go with you.

Finger printing locations in Qatar

CEID Headquarter

The CEID Headquarter located just after the industrial area flyover on Salwa Road caters to the finger printing needs of VIPs, Qatari ID card and for expatriates on personal sponsorship or sponsored by government authorities.

Timings: 6 am - 6 pm

Tel: 2346666

E-mail: [email protected]

Service Centres

The services centers provide other Ministry of Interior services under one roof. These include finger printing, passports and traffic-related procedures. This has saved the hassle of the locals and the expats from going to the related departments headquarters and now they can use these service centres to complete all necessary procedures and transactions.