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Posted On: 20 October 2022 04:30 pm
Updated On: 14 November 2022 12:26 am

Education City Fan Experience

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Experience fans in Education City

Event Details:

Location: Education City, Doha
Date: 22 November 2022 - 9 December 2022
Time: 04:00 pm - 08:00 pm
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From performances by artists with disabilities to sensory retreats and multi-sensory experiences, the Education City Stadium fan experience developed by Qatar Foundation will offer an inclusive and welcoming environment for every supporter when the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 kicks off.

Performances will include singing, dancing, and freestyle football, and will highlight both the culture of Qatar and the nations playing at the Education City Stadium. As visitors flock to the Education City matches, they will be welcomed by the vibrant QF community, introducing them to Arab culture, guiding them to exciting events, and sharing key ideas about the mission of Education City and Qatar Foundation.

In an experience that includes everyone, everyone will find an activity they love and enjoy, including individuals and families, people of different ages, and those who prefer a multi-sensory experience.

Enjoy this exciting range of activities:

  • Haptic wall and tactile trail: Concrete surfaces, which consist of soft, solid, protruding, and textured materials, promote sensory regulation for people with sensory impairment or hypersensitivity. It also helps people with autism to hold together and avoid the burden and sensory fatigue.
  • Language: A design project worked on by alumni from Virginia Commonwealth University College of Design Arts in Qatar. This project celebrates the diversity and beauty of Qatar's linguistic identity by blending Arabic painting, sports, and culture into a unique and contemporary mixture.
  • Musical Wall: The wall encourages play, engagement, and sensory stimulation. Music therapy is usually offered to people with autism to help develop their communication skills and is also used in intensive treatments for stress and respiratory disorders.
  • Council: The Majlis is one of the most important parts of the Qatari House and is located near the entrance to the House. The council is usually separate from the house and is intended to receive visitors and social events.
  • Tunnel of Lights: Going to a soccer match or engaging in crowds can be a highly stimulating experience that may not be tolerated for people with disabilities. The lights in the tunnel are placed in calming shapes that help people cope with various stimuli and reduce the feeling of stress.
  • Language Building blocks: Arabic is the unified language of twenty-six countries that speak it. The words displayed at this activity celebrate the Arabic language and the richness of Qatari heritage and culture.
  • Artwork "Community Line Up" (Social Lineup): Two collections of art paintings worked on by QF primary school students to reflect Qatar's social diversity and to welcome all visitors coming to become part of this community.
  • Sustainability sculptures: These sculptures aim to highlight the negative impact of plastics dumped in the oceans on human health.
  • World Park: Will celebrate thirty-two countries participating in the FIFA World ™Cup by showcasing a collection of plants native to those countries or inspired by their environment. The plants will remain in Education City's public gardens after the end of the tournament as part of the Quran Botanical Garden holdings.
  • Mobile Sensory Trailer: Designed to help individuals with sensory impairments regulate the negative reaction of their brains to external stimuli. The trailer offers a range of activities that promote motivation and relaxation.

To come to Education City and enjoy the various activities on your way to Education City Stadium, they recommend that you go one of the following three ways that are most suitable for people with disabilities. Click HERE!

The Education City Fan Experience events are held on the following days:

  • Tuesday, November 22: 4 pm Group D – Denmark vs Tunisia
  • Thursday, November 24: 4 pm Group H – Uruguay vs South Korea
  • Saturday, 26 November: 4 pm Group C – Poland vs Saudi Arabia
  • Monday, November 28: 4 pm Group H – South Korea vs Ghana
  • Wednesday, 30 November: 6 pm Group D – Tunisia vs France
  • Friday, 2 December: 6 pm Group H – South Korea vs Portugal
  • Tuesday, 6 December: 6 pm Match 55 – Group F leaders against Group E second place winner
  • Friday, 9 December: 6 pm Quarter-finals – winner of match 53 against the winner of match 54

Note: The end timings for this event are approximate.

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Source and image credit: Qatar Foundation