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Posted On: 15 March 2012 05:49 pm
Updated On: 11 January 2022 08:26 am

AnimeQtr's Event @ Virginia Commonwealth University atrium

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Event Details:


Place: The Atrium at Virginia Commonwealth University-Education City

Time: 4:00 - 10:00 PM

Date: 22nd March 2012

Email: [email protected] (for further information and questions)

Fun stuff to do:
1- COSPLAY ! this is your chance to show off your cosplay outfit or become the character you want ! we encourage everyone capable to do so. For this specific occasion, we're going to have a cosplay contest and we'll announce the winner based on votes before dinner.

2- Figurines Gallery
We appreciate anime for it's unique animation and manga for its style and use of screen tones ! how about anime through sculpture? The toy/figure industry in Japan is huge and it grew enormously with anime collectors worldwide.
because of this, we're going to set up a mini gallery for visitors displaying amazing and cool figures for you to enjoy looking! Enjoy the experience of photographing figures with their fixed poses. Make sure to bring your cameras! You share them here once the event is over.

We'll be displaying:
1- 1/8 scaled figures ( One Piece, naruto, slam dunk, K-on , etc)
2- Nendoroids ( from Good Smile Company,Phat,etc)
3- Dollfie Dreams ( Volks inc.)

(Please remember not to use flash when taking photos)
**people who are interested in this corner can ask the organizer in charge to help you out in changing the settings if needed)

Booth Details:
1- Registration Desk/Reception
Collect visitor kits that contains all the details about the event. Will answer all of your Questions and gives you all the feedback you want. Some Activities will require and early registration due to the limited seats for each one.

2- The Tribe Bookstore
Books,Manga Comics, Manga Drawing Supplies, and a few other other items.

3- Figurines Booth
if you're a fan of anime figurines or always wanted to start your own collection, here is your chance!
figures from One Piece, K-On, Gintama, Black Rock shooter, Haruhi and so on will be available for sale. ( Products are original and legit from Japan).

4- Qatar Eastern Language Center
Want to study Japanese in Qatar? QELC is here to help you get started.
The center should provide you with all details needed for you to register in the courses.

5- Cosplay Section (Hosted by Jo )
Jo is our creative Cosplayer. She'll be joining us with her friends and will be cosplaying awesome characters. And you as well, can join us with your own cosplay. (if you have one, don't hesitate)

6- Artists Alley
Artists will be live-drawing their talents for you. They'll be a great help if you have any questions or concerns regarding drawings and can provide you with some tips. Get advantage of their experience and get inspired at the same time.

Artists joining us:

Kholood Al Ali
Fatma AlNesf
Fatma AlRumaihi
Ghada Al Suwaidi
Fatima Al Hajri
Salman Al-Buhaliqa
Mohammed Al-Buhaliqa

7- Photography
Want to have a group picture with your friends and new formed buddies? you'll have the chance to do that and you can print it immediately free of charge!

Event's program:
[ Note that the activities aren't in this order, timings and official Agenda shall be stated soon]

Activities: (Register at the Reception desk to participate: limited seats/first come first serve)

1- Video Game Tournament ( Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Storm Generations on PS3) 16 players

2- Anime Quizzes (4 Types)
Each competition will include 2 teams
four competitors per team (each player can registers once ONLY)

**quizzes will function based on speed and limited time due to the events agenda.

Types of quizzes are:

Test your otaku-knowledge by answering questions based on popular anime series.

-Voice Recognition
This game will test your listening ability to recognize voices of anime characters! you will have to mention the character's name and the series they come from.

Think you're so good at recognizing anime characters? what about silhouetted characters? through our stages screen, teams will be shown silhouettes of anime characters. You must mention their name and the series to win.

-Charade (4 players per team)
Here comes the fun part. In turns, we will give each team an anime title to act silently and within limited time, the team should know the anime being acted.

3- Movie
As a closing for the event, [ Memories OVA: Ep3 by Otomo Katsuhiro: The creator of Akira anime ] will be played and light dinner will be served while then.

Note: Due to space, only 100 seats will be available