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Posted On: 12 October 2014 11:48 am
Updated On: 11 January 2022 08:29 am

"How To Sell Like a Boss!"

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Event Details:


Always wondered why that guy or lady in front of you at a business meeting or a presentation always looked more confident, more persuasive and more professional than you? Ever wanted to get what you want and have the ability to convince people?

Well.. Stop asking yourself that question and come join us in a ‘’How To Sell Like a Boss’’ Trainingand make your life change immediately!

This training, given by marketing consultant Steven Stelljes, will show you that the key to success in business is not only about having a good product or the best service. Knowing the right tips, tricks, and techniques to get an effective mindset also helps to make you sell and act like a boss!

Don’t hesitate and give yourself the chance to learn:

  • how to properly use body language
  • how to make the right first impression
  • how to structure your sales speach
  • how to get what you want in an honest and open way

No long term commitments, no weeks of trainings, no trivial and known by everybody facts, no broad theory - only specific practical tips & tricks in just 4 hours to make you Sell Like a Boss!

Ready to change?

7ayak Hub will then be pleased to welcome you on the 13th of October from 4-8pm in a 4 hours ‘’Sell like a BOSS’’ training session.

Invest in yourself and make a 200 QAR turn into a lifetime added value!

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