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Posted On: 30 August 2016 09:10 am
Updated On: 7 March 2019 05:06 pm


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Event Details:


Patrick Doyle: A Symphony of Films
Live Concert by Master Film Composer Patrick Doyle

When: Monday, September 26, 2016, 7:30 pm
Venue: Katara Opera House

This concert is part of the Symphony of Films series, in Partnership with Doha Film Institute and the British Council. Learn more at

Patrick Doyle, composer
James Shearman, conductor
Jessica Boone, actor
Guy Roberts, actor
Qatar Philharmonic Choir
Felicitas Fuchs, choirmaster

Patrick Doyle: From Thor: Thor Kills the Destroyer
Patrick Doyle: From Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: Harry in Winter
Patrick Doyle: From Sense and Sensibility: My Father’s Favorite
Patrick Doyle: From Bridget Jones‘s Diary: It’s Only a Diary
Patrick Doyle: From A Little Princess: The Attic
Patrick Doyle: From Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein: The Creation
Patrick Doyle: From Wah-Wah: Train Away
Patrick Doyle: From Carlito’s Way: Carlito’s Way
Patrick Doyle: From Gosford Park: Scherzo in G
Patrick Doyle: From Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit: Faith of Our Fathers
Patrick Doyle: From Cinderella: La Valse De l‘Amour
Patrick Doyle: From Rise of the Planet of the Apes: Caesar’s Home
Patrick Doyle: From Much Ado About Nothing: The Picnic (Beatrice); Overture; Pardon, Goddess of the Night
Patrick Doyle: From Love’s Labour’s Lost: Beauty of a Woman’s Face
Patrick Doyle: From Hamlet: Fanfare; In Pace; My Thoughts Be Bloody (Hamlet)
Patrick Doyle: From As You Like It: Violin Romance
Patrick Doyle: From Henry V: O For a Muse of Fire; St. Crispin’s Day (Henry V); Non Nobis, Domine

Please note: stills will be projected behind the orchestra during part of the performance. These will not be visible from the first three rows and the second or third balcony.

There are no refunds or exchanges. Children 6 years of age and older may attend any concert with ticket purchase. Family concerts accept all ages. Audience members with inappropriately informal attire including shorts or beach wear will not be seated. Out of respect for the musicians and fellow audience members please silence your mobile phones and refrain from flash photography. Seating begins 20 minutes before performances. Latecomers cannot be seated during the concert. The Philharmonic retains the right to expel anyone disturbing other concertgoers. Food and beverages can be consumed in the lobby only. The Philharmonic accepts no personal liability of any sort. Programs and artists are subject to change.