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26 March 2014 06:09 pm

Arab Hip Hop Festival 2014

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Event Details:

Arab Hip-Hop Festival is a first of its kind event that aims to bring together young hip-hop enthusiasts and top artists from around the MENA region.
Arab Hip-Hop Festival aims to promote new ways to develop and unite Hip-Hop fanatics around the Middle East & North Africa. It is set to enrich different experiences for everyone in the region and help promote Hip-Hop culture and talents. Based on the key theme of street culture and hip-hop, and the belief of its rising popularity & evolution in the generations to come, the Arab Hip-Hop Festival strives to provide a platform for Arab youth to break boundaries without disrespecting traditional values, while highlighting hip-hop as a dominant genre in modern pop culture and entertainment.

Talents featured include: breakdancing, rapping, beatboxing, graffiti and DJs.