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Posted On: 26 December 2022 01:00 pm
Updated On: 26 December 2022 01:46 pm

Why you should experience Spontini, the Milanese 'King of Pizza' by slice

Cassandra Pallagud
Cassandra Pallagud
Content Writer
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Spontini pizza slices toppings

Experience the authentic flavours and ambience of Milan at Spontini.

Crafting delicious pizzas since 1953, Spontini is well known as “The Milanese King of Pizza by slice.” We visited their chic pizzeria to find out exactly why they gained the title, and we were not disappointed.

The ambience

Spontini Interior
Beautiful interior, perfect for friends and family!

Their location at The Pearl Island is a beautiful venue for a great gastronomic experience. The indoor space is inviting, with wide open windows that allow natural sunlight in the morning and afternoon, perfect for lunch gatherings.

The interior is contemporary with minimalist monochrome colours that bring out the distinct touches of Milanese chic ambience. The walls are decorated with portraits of iconic Milan sceneries to complete the vibe.

Dine al fresco style

Spontini terrace
A venue straight out of Europe.

The terrace is an ideal spot if you’re a fan of al fresco dining. Enjoy the cool breeze as you’re surrounded by fresh greenery and views of The Pearl Island’s Medina Centrale.

Large umbrella tents provide sufficient shade from the sun, too! You will feel like you are dining in a streetside restaurant or cafe in Europe!

The iconic Spontini pizza

Spontini oven
Witness the master chef at work!

The pizzas at Spontini are baked fresh in a brick oven, using olive wood that provides distinct fresh flavours with each slice. Olive wood is considered the best and most valuable firewood for pizza ovens in Italy, and you will taste the difference in each bite. They work with an open kitchen so guests can see the Italian chef do his magic, masterfully baking delicious pizzas by the pan.

The thick breading and crust are delightfully soft, light, and fluffy, with a slightly crispy bottom. Truly a delectable treat! All ingredients come straight from Milan, from the cheese to the toppings, which makes Spontini stand out in terms of flavour.

Spontini serves per slice, in either regular or large. If you’re planning a party or gathering, they deliver whole pizza pans too! For delivery, call +974 4409 5225 or order on Talabat & Snoonu.

The Classic Margherita

Spontini margherita
Just look at that cheesy goodness!

The Margherita pizza slice puts together the classic tomato sauce, cheese and oregano. It’s so simple but so good!

If you want a little ‘oomph’ to your Margherita, you can try the Margherita with Extra Cheese and experience the cheesy pull with each bite.

Elevate your slice with toppings

Spontini menu
Choose from a variety of delicious toppings!

Each slice of pizza on the menu is based on Spontini’s signature Margherita, which they have perfected, and is then added with toppings for variety. You can even customize each slice to your taste!

Their menu is beautifully simple, with delectable flavours for every taste. Try the Margherita Chicken and taste the wonderfully spiced chicken bits on top.

The Spontini 1953 is one of the most popular choices that feature the flavours of the ocean with anchovies delicately placed on the slice. The Margherita Veal Salami adds a burst of flavour with the spiced slices of meat on top.

Meat-free options are available too!

Spontini vegetables
Deliciously healthy!

For those who like it meat-free, there are two vegetarian options that are delicious!

The Margherita Vegetables is a classic slice with a bed of cooked and seasoned zucchini, eggplant, and bell pepper. There is also the Margherita Mushrooms with a generous serving of tasty spiced mushrooms.

Try the newest flavor: GUSTOSA

Spontini Gustosa
Image credit: Spontini

A new menu item you must try is the Gustosa, featuring a Margherita pizza with the aromatic flavors of mild gorgonzola cheese topped with deliciously juicy beef bacon from Trentino alto Adige. Savor each bite!

Refreshments & brews

Spontini juice coffee
The perfect sips to your slices.

Wash down your hefty slices with ice-cold drinks such as freshly squeezed orange juice, iced tea, lemon mint juice, and a selection of flavoured Sanpellegrino drinks.

A variety of fresh brews are also available for coffee lovers!

End with a sweet treat

Spontini desserts
Finish off with sweet desserts!

Craving for something sweet after a delightful meal?

Try Spontini's light and airy tiramisu, which offers a great blend of sweet with a sprinkle of bitter coffee powder. The affogato is also a must-try, a soft-serve vanilla ice cream poured on top with a shot of espresso. Yum!


  • Location: The Pearl Island, Medina Centrale Malaga Way
  • Timings: 12 noon - 1 am
  • Contact: +974 4409 5225
  • Instagram: @spontinipizzaqa

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