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Posted On: 31 March 2021 05:00 pm
Updated On: 31 March 2021 05:02 pm

ARC Urban Eatery and it's brisket are a match made in heaven!

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ARC Urban Eatery and it's brisket are a match made in heaven!

Though the brisket is a late arrival on Doha’s food and BBQ scene, it’s taken the town by storm, and what better way to enjoy this slow-cooked slab of juicy, succulent beef that melts in your mouth, than at ARC Urban Eatery!

In fact, let's take a minute here to rave about the brisket that's served at the ARC Urban Eatery and is the best-seller of this cosy and simple, yet stylishly designed restaurant that's located in the vicinity of the Qatar Sports Club.

A brisket that's perfect in every way possible

ARC Urban Eatery and it's brisket are a match made in heaven!
The secret is in the spice rub and the way the US Prime brisket is cooked.

The top-quality US Prime brisket served at the ARC Urban Eatery is perfectly marinated and delicately hickory smoked for 13 hours, so all the juices and the flavours are sealed within the meat. The brisket is spiced and herbed with a rub that's smoky with just the right amount of sweetness to it. The long cooking time is what makes this juicy brisket's outer layer crusty with a dark blackish-brown coloured 'bark'.

It's the result of ARC Urban Eatery's secret spice mix being in the smoker for over seven hours! What you get is a smokey, aromatic brisket that's juicy, soft and melt-in-the-mouth. The result is phenomenal. Combined with the sides that include french fries, grilled corn-on-the-cob, fresh leafy salad, toasted bread along with pickled cucumbers and beetroots, you're in for a treat you'll never be able to forget.

Brisket-to-go is a great option

ARC Urban Eatery and it's brisket are a match made in heaven!
The pre-order US Prime brisket comes with lots of goodies!

In case you didn't know, ARC Urban Eatery has thought of everything. If for some reason you can't make it to the restaurant to try out their menu, no problem. You can have the brisket, complete with a bunch of sides delivered straight to your doorstep whenever you want, so you can enjoy a little feast with your family. The ARC Urban Eatery's pre-order brisket feeds a whole family, and you'll still have leftovers for the next day to enjoy and savour.

There's more on the menu!

Though their perfectly marinated and delicately smoked brisket is one of the main highlights of the menu at ARC Urban Eatery, there are other items on their menu that we must mention, or we won't be doing justice to this amazing American-styled 'Brunch n BBQ' joint.

In fact, if you want to try the best at ARC Urban Eatery, then you will have to come back again and again because everything on the menu is delicious. But, you could also try one of their platters for two (they're actually big enough for, at least, three people). There's the Brunch Platter and the BBQ Platter.

The Brunch Platter (Champion's Breakfast)

ARC Urban Eatery and it's brisket are a match made in heaven!
What a feast for breakfast!

You'll find all your favourite breakfast/brunch items on this platter. There's rye toast, sunny side up eggs (or the way you want them), sliced avocado, beef bacon, sauteed mushrooms, hash browns, charred tomato, and to satisfy your sweet tooth, there are waffles dusted with icing sugar and served with a side of heavenly maple syrup. You couldn't possibly go wrong with this super delicious all-day brunch platter.

The BBQ Platter (Oh Snap!)

ARC Urban Eatery and it's brisket are a match made in heaven!
Each cut of meat and chicken is perfection!

If you're a meat-lover, then this platter's perfect for you. There's a lot of everything on their meaty menu in the form of a delicious platter. The BBQ platter includes spare ribs with a juicy layer of melt-in-your-mouth meat that falls away from the bone, a brisket that tastes as delicious as it looks and a half chicken that's marinated, smoked and cooked to perfection. Then there are the sides: coleslaw, corn-on-the-cob, crunchy french fries, pickled beetroot and pickled cucumber, fresh salad, fried rice and four different sauces that will perfectly complement your meat and chicken. It's definitely a platter made in heaven.

More on ARC Urban Eatery

ARC Urban Eatery and it's brisket are a match made in heaven!
Cosy and contemporary, stylish and chic!

The concept behind this 'Brunch n BBQ' joint that's becoming a part of must-visit eateries, is to provide the people of Doha something that's new, something that's hard to find here in Doha, something that offers value for money and is good old comfort food for the soul and the body.


  • Timings: 9 am - 12 am (midnight)
  • Tel: +974 4002 0870
  • Location: Next to Seven Days Hypermarket, Qatar Sports Club, Doha - Qatar
  • Instagram:
  • Facebook: @arcurbanqa

Have you been to ARC Urban Eatery yet? Have you ever had brisket? Will you try the brisket at this great 'Brunch n BBQ' place? Do let us know your thoughts in our comments below. Like and share the article - it keeps us going!