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Posted On: 9 March 2020 12:43 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 09:10 am

MoPH confirms three new confirmed cases of coronavirus, bringing total to 18

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In the press conference today held by the Ministry of Public Health, the Ministry talked about the latest updates regarding coronavirus.

According to Dr. Abdullatif Al-Khal and H.E. Sheikh Dr. Mohammed bin Hamad Al Thani, three new cases of Coronavirus were discovered a while ago and they are in contact with the cases that were revealed yesterday. H.E. Sheikh Dr. Mohammed bin Hamad Al Thani mentioned that cases that were exposed today were from the central market and a hypermarket. All of them are expatriates.

The Ministry of Public Health also inspected all workers in the market and the central market and hypermarket are temporarily closed.

As of today, Dr. Al-Khal also mentioned that 3,500 cases have been examined and 18 cases have been confirmed. He also mentioned that the Ministry is awaiting the announcement of the recovery of the first case in Qatar and the person's discharge from the hospital.

Dr. Al-Khal also mentioned there is no truth to rumors of the death of a positive coronavirus patient in Qatar.



In the official statement released by the Ministry of Public Health, it was stated that all those who shared accommodations with the patients or had contact with them, have been quarantined and are being tested to ensure they are free from infection.

In a press conference held at the Ministry of Public Health today, Sheikh Dr. Mohammed bin Hamad Al-Thani, Director of Public Health at the Ministry, said that more than 300 people who had contact with the cases reported yesterday have been tested by the concerned teams of the ministry, with only three people testing positive for COVID-19.
The patients have been admitted to the Communicable Disease Center under complete isolation and they are in a stable health condition.

Dr. Al-Thaniadded that the shops where the patients worked have been closed and are currently being disinfected to eliminate the COVID-19, which can survive in the air for up to 12 hours.

Dr. Al Thani noted that the early detection system for COVID-19 will help reduce the spread of the disease in the country, adding that the situation in the State of Qatar regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is reassuring, as all indicators on the spread of the virus in the community remain low.

Dr. Al Thanipointed out that the infected individuals, who are quarantined at the Communicable Disease Center, are receiving suitable care and are in stable health condition. Some of these individuals show no symptoms of infection.

In response to some baseless rumors on social media platforms, Dr. Al Thani stated that no fatalities have been reported among the eighteen confirmedCoronavirus (COVID-19) cases in Qatar. He affirmed that MOPH is committed to announce updates on Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Qatar with clarity and transparency.

Taking swift action on the confirmed Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in Qatar reflects the preparedness of the country’s health sector for early-detection of infection and having infected individuals isolated and provided with the healthcare they need.

Addressing the Coronavirus (COVID-19) challenge, Qatar has taken a proactive approach whereby healthcare workers look for cases of infection rather than taking a reactive stance after the damage is done. Confirmed cases undergo treatment and individuals who come in contact with these individuals are tested by specialized healthcare workers who work round the clock to protect others from infection, said Dr. Al Thani.

Dr. Abdullatif Al Khal, Co-chairperson of the National Pandemic Preparedness Committee at the Ministry of Public Health, and Head of Infectious Disease Dept. at Hamad Medical Corporation, stated that the three additional confirmed cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19) were among individuals who came in contact with previously infected patients. MOPH has taken prompt and effective action to identify and test individuals who had been in contact with the previously infected three patients. Out of the 300 cases who were screened only three tested positive of COVID-19so far, he said.

Infected patients are in stable condition with minimal symptoms but had to be quarantined on a precautionary basis as per the applicable infection control protocols. Out of 3,500 testing processes done by MOPH on suspected cases, only 18 tested positive with Coronavirus (COVID-19), Dr. Al Khal stated.

Persons who proceed to Emergency Centers with a respiratory infection, whether they have travelled to Coronavirus (COVID-19) affected countries or not, will have to be routinely tested to ensure that they are free of Coronavirus (COVID-19). From the routine, and other tests that have been conducted we are confident that the spread of the virus in Qatar is limited. This reassures that the measures are taken by MOPH, such as early detection, testing of suspected cases, and quarantine, are quite effective. Some of the 18 patients currently under quarantine are improving and expected to fully recover in a few days, Dr. Al Khal revealed.

Dr. Al Khal called on the public to avoid unnecessary travel abroad, bearing in mind that 100 countries have declared Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases amongst their population. He stressed the importance of hygiene practices, such as handwashing with water and soap and using alcohol-based hand rubs when in public and crowded places.

Dr. Hamad Eid Al Romaihi, Co-chairperson of the National Pandemic Preparedness Committee and health protection and communicable disease control at the Ministry of Public Health, stated that the early detection of Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in Qatar validates the efficiency and effectiveness of the health surveillance and disease containment systems in the Country.

MOPH’s health surveillance teams, who work round the clock to protect the population from the disease, have been instrumental in identifying the infected cases and having those who came in contact with them quarantined. The condition of those infected, thanks to the effort of the team, are stable and receive the suitable care, added Dr. Hamad Eid Al Romaihi.


The Government Communications Office posted in a tweet the statement on suspending classes on public and private schools and universities for all students until further notice as a precautionary measure to limit the spread of the Corona Virus (Covid-19).

The Ministry of Public Health has a toll-free 24/7 hotline for all questions and concerns regarding COVID-19. Call 16000.

The Ministry also requested the community members to limit social gatherings and to ensure good hygiene as a preventive measure.